If you are one to ask such question, this essay is for you. And the answer to the question is – ‘Yes’ in a word. Read out the article to its end to know why.

To understand the diversified scope of this domain, one has to be aware of the development that took place in the recent years in the following sectors:

  • First one is, the incredible growth in the information technology that has shrunk the globe under one roof
  • Secondly, the growth in the cross-functional domains that have made the multimedia services an inevitable necessity of the day
  • Last but not least, the giant leap evolution in the media houses that have reinitiated modernization in the way products are commercialized and marketed across the global market

What are all covered, when you talk about the Media Transcription Services? 

Listed below is a list of instances or scenarios that may involve Media Transcripts.

  • Sometimes, it is simply transcribing a multimedia file to another format. And some other times, it deals with the Transcription of media related stuff.
  • When you watch a film, hear an audio, listen to a number, you might want to transcribe them for having subtitles or share it for a friend with hearing difficulties or whatever. Such times, you will avail media Transcription Services.
  • Media Giants like the YouTube, the Netflix host a huge scope of business for the transcribers.
  • Sectors like e-publishing look for transcribers with expertise in audio typing, to convert audio books to e-books
  • Vice versa on the other hand, that is, transcribers are also looked for to convert the e-books to audio books
  • Print media, e-commerce advertisements, general commercials, digital branding firms, conventional advertising agencies, digital presentations for branding, local and global media houses look for in-house Transcription partners for their business
  • They also look for a Media Transcription Company  who they could partner with to outsource their projects to
  • Sometimes, they want to hire a transcriber from an agency and act like an in-house team member, for a short span of time until their project is over. This helps the transcriber understand the project better and add a greater value to the work.

Having seen what is Media Transcription, time for a sneak peek into the highlights of the service:

 Most of the times, these services are sought online. Not just to reduce the operational expenses, also to consume less time and to leave a Digi-trace for every conversation made, people prefer online services to traditional physical presence.