Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Figure 1: Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

SEO is a simple tactic that lets your website retain the top few positions in Google search ranking. Though quite an ordinary task to do, it is tough for marketers to follow all the guidelines. Unfortunately, such half-baked efforts yield similar results, and the website is unable to grab the customer’s attention.

Instead of mulling over the damage, you need to take some concrete steps. Here we tell you how you can improve your website’s Google ranking in 5 easy steps.

Have a strong structure

Even the best SEO campaigns fail if the website structure is not up to the mark. If it is difficult for customers to navigate through the website, chances are you won’t ever get to be on top ranks. First and foremost, replace any duplicate content on your website. Sometimes we have multiple versions of the same page, and the Google algorithm considers it as separate pages.

Next, perform a technical audit to see if there are any loopholes in your website structure. When you finished all this, you must work on rectifying the problems. Link building services detect ways to find places to insert your backlinks. They can handle any kind of link building campaign and help improve your website architecture through content planning.

Mobile optimization

A considerable population does their internet surfing on the mobile. If your website is not optimized as per mobile, chances of your customers getting to be with you reduce. Moreover, Google has also changed its stance and is now ranking the website basis its mobile versions.

Understand what your customers would want to do once they are on your website. If it is online shopping, make all the aspects related to it smooth and glitch-free. Google uses mobile speed as a search ranking parameter. So, if your website on mobile takes time to load, you should do something to get that fixed.

Work on the speed

For both mobiles as well as a desktop, you will have to monitor the speed regularly. Image file sizes can sometimes slow your website and thus affect its ranking as well. While adding any images, optimize them so that they do not hamper the performance.

Multiple image editing tools prove useful in this regard. Enable browser caching so that the customer gets to spend the minimum time waiting for a website to load.

Working on links

The links present on your website and those out of it can influence your website ranking. Quickly run a crawl on your website and fix any broken links present. Don’t abuse anchor text and should be used only when it is relevant to the context of the website. Set up Google alert to know whenever someone mentions your brand. Contact the owner of the website to convert these mentions into external links.

On-page optimization

Google has its guide to help you with formulating SEO practices for your website. Though just to ensure your ranking is high, just try and make your website better organized. Next, create unique and descriptive titles that are click-bait for customers. Though meta descriptions may not be so important, they increase conversion rate; hence try and work on that. In simple terms, these descriptions give the customer an idea of what to expect from your posts.


Eventually, your website will rank high on Google only if you plan out your strategies well. In case of any confusion, you should turn to experts to guide the rudimentary tactics of link building. SEOOutreachers does link building and ensures that the brand website finds frequent and valuable mentions on the search page. It is this focused approach and planning that would see your brand and website both excelling in terms of getting customer attention.