Marketing of products and services is an old, always-evolving but abstract art of attracting interested individuals and turning them into customers. With the existence of many markets throughout history, every attempt at advertisement requires great strategic planning mixed with a unique and creative touch.

Still, as attraction towards the brand, its business model, and presented goods heavily depend on imagination and innovation, well-crafted messages and ads never see the light of day without logical, fast, and efficient means of communication.

As new inventions brought upon by the information age have completely restructured a modern business environment, our focus shifts towards digital marketing. The internet and its access through devices and software, inspired by telecommunications and information technologies, offer the best tools for reaching out to potential customers. As word-of-mouth communication is seldom effective in the XXI century, and viewership of TV channels is at a steady decline, digital marketing reigns as a supreme and complex field of product advertisement.

The web is a vast digital world with its unique quirks, and the extremely efficient methods of data transmission and storage force us to think outside the box and come up with the best ways to attract clients. Of course, products and services are rarely successful if reviews are horrific. When the product is praised or at least seen as sufficient and satisfies demand in the market, the rest is up to successful digital marketing campaigns to utilize all the available tools and connections to pique the interest of potential clients.

While the internet is full of advertisement banners on popular websites that display the offered product or a brand. While they are easy to present and for the right sum, advertisers find many publishers, they rarely attract the attention of customers and are only successful when used in abundance.

In this article we will talk about a popular and effective digital marketing strategy that utilizes web scraping to discover micro-influencers and public figures that leverage their audiences. At first, we will discuss the process of data scraping and its influence on finding the right people for partnerships. Web scraping and other tasks that help us manipulate the networks and observe the information within them are usually frowned upon by the companies that operate them. For example, to avoid an IP ban while performing these tasks, companies would use an Instagram proxy to gather the information from the platform. Smartproxy is a great proxy server provider that offers many IPs suitable for masking your network identity during data collection tasks. With their help, you will find an Instagram proxy or any other intermediary server suitable for scouting social media platforms.


Find public figures with web scraping

Web scrapers are automated tools that help us extract information from chosen websites. Once the HTML code, usually rendered by browsers, is extracted and parsed into an understandable format, the party using the data collection tool has the power to separate only the most valuable information.

Either through search engines or social media networks, businesses can find micro-influencers that have a close bond with their fans and are always eager to turn these interactions into a livelihood. Partnerships with businesses that want to promote their product assist public figures by providing payment for well-tailored ads.

Depending on the product, companies either have many possible suitors, with the only deciding factor being the number of followers or a few micro-influencers that are perfect for a specific market. Automated data extraction helps us separate information about these public figures and prepare information for analysis.

Python is the most popular programming language for web scraping. With a bit of effort, anyone can create a simple data collection bot but additional functions and filters automatically discard irrelevant segments and only leave the data that helps predetermine the best micro-influencers.


Finding partners by growing influence

Some companies choose to create a valuable presence on a chosen social media platform by creating fake accounts to encourage expansion. With the help of a good proxy provider, businesses use multiple IPs at the same time to make these identities feel real and believable and when the engagement matches the presented content, real users will come to follow.

As the company creates a respectable foothold on the desired network, partners and influencers will be more likely to consider offers for cooperation. Then, the extracted information will make the possible suitors more likely to accept these proposals.


Web scraping is the foundation for automated online marketing. With the right partners, companies manage to create an alternative of word to mouth advertisement suitable for the digital world. As potential customers view the posts and videos presented by their favorite content creators, they are far more likely to check out and engage with the product or brand. When businesses continue searching the internet for the best micro-influencers, they find up-and-coming starts and share their success creating a win-win situation. With enough automated outreach to these public figures, companies utilize information extraction in the new age of marketing and push the boundaries of efficiency.