Some of the best Invitation Designs can come for birthday invitation, wedding invitation or party invitation. If you're a designer, you'll always need some Invitation Designs for Inspiration. Preparing and planning your invitation is always a must, you'll need a design that stands out and makes an impression.

Invitations are one of the most creative areas in print design. There are amazing designers today that can design and create amazing invitation designs that help inspire other designers in the community. In this collection we'll be going through over 32 Creative Invitation Designs for Inspiration.

These Invitation Designs feature many styles including Elegant & Grunge. Topics include Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate Events and more. Some of the most popular Invitations trends these days are:


Illustrations can sometimes been seen on invitations, especially Wedding Invitations. Wedding Invitations often show the bride and groom in a comical cartoon illustration.

Packaging Material:

Depending on the clients budget, unique packaging material can be used to create new and creative ways of presenting Invitations. 


Letterpress is a form of relief printing with printing presses for a Invitations, it's used to create an imprint effect on typography and/or images. 

Vintage Type:

Vintage typography is another popular trend using in Invitation Designs. Usually set as the main feature, vintage typography often include old style typefaces combined with interesting shapes and ornate graphics.