In this fast paced day and age, homeowners are being presented with many different and very good reasons to go minimalistic. While this lifestyle does have its perks and benefits, that doesn’t mean that you can’t strive for a luxury home if that’s what you’ve always been aiming for in life.

In fact, the benefits of owning a luxury home are pretty numerous even today. You may find that they’re the perfect home goal for you, with every one of your necessities and desires being met with fashionable ease. Extra space for entertaining, family and home office in the digital age. No wonder there is a luxury home design out there to suit every style and taste. If you have the liquidity the possibilities at the luxury end of the housing market are pretty limitless.

I used to live in a small flat in north London; when in my mid twenties. Naturally I filled it with furniture and soon spare space was at a premium. Living like this in such an expensive part of the world suited me at this stage in my life. I was young with few responsibilities and the apartment lifestyle was just perfect for me. After a few years living like this I discovered the pleasure of minimalism.

I replaced lots of furniture and bulky items with smaller and more discreet alternatives and I loved the extra room. However it was not until I bought my first house and moved away from London that I was really bitten by the the extra space bug. I realized I loved having space to roam around in, even if it cost me so much more of my valuable income to do so.

Luxury Homes for Unbeatable Scenery

Bling Home Designs

Bling Home Designs : We don’t have to live like rockstars in palatial houses and mansions to appreciate minimalist space.

Investopedia points out that many luxury homes share beautiful scenery no matter where in the world they’re located. Whether you’re seeking an ocean view, some expansive mountains, or rolling country hills, you’ll certainly find a home design that suits your bespoke desires due to the fact that location is such a primary drawing point in the luxury housing market.

These Luxury Minimalist Homes Will Leave You Breathless

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The luxury homes themselves are often designed and built to accentuate the natural beauty of the surrounding area. Meaning you can have a perfect home and enjoy the views that nature has to offer you without forsaking any of your comfort in the process. We are not necessarily talking about bling bling homes either such as owned by the rich and famous. Just large spacious sanctuaries that allow us to live out our peaceful desires as we see fit.

Unparalleled Retreat and Privacy

Like many people, you probably enjoy a certain amount of privacy when it comes to your home life. Fortunately, luxury properties can offer you many different levels of privacy. If you enjoy being at least somewhat close to other people or places with fun activities, there are some locations that have clusters of luxury homes, so called wide berth communities.

This will allow for a sense of community to a degree, without you having to feel stifled by your neighbors. If you enjoy exclusivity and wish for your home to be an escape from the hustle and bustle of bigger cities, there are options for you, as well. Plenty of luxury properties are settled far away from the buzz of urban living in order to capture both the majestic views mentioned above, and to give you the privacy you deserve.

Not only does the extra elbow room allow you to really feel like you have your own corner of the world, but it can also allow you to feel more secure, as you won’t be close to hotbeds of criminal activity which isn’t always the case in urban areas.

Prized Customizability of Luxury Homes

Ocean Mansions in Ft Lauderdale

Ocean Mansions in Ft Lauderdale : This particular example of a customized luxury home is in Florida and has it all, ocean, sun, space and a rather big yacht by the looks of it.

There are certain things that can’t be changed about properties, like the shoreline or where the sun sets. Fortunately, almost everything else about a luxury property is bespoke and otherwise customizable. Properties like the Razor House, a financial interest of an LLC that Donald Burns oversees, offer a glimpse into the high levels of customization that can be expected for higher end properties on the market right now.

I compare my house on occasion to the flat of my younger years and I realize just how much I can change my home these days to suit my personal design taste and decor style. This is because space, privacy and land bring about a range of design opportunities that you simply won’t find in small city blocks and flats.

You can search for any type of amenity that you can think of, and there’s certainly a luxury property out there with exactly what you want. Everything from the largest addition – like gyms, swimming pools, or saunas – to the smallest detail like the type of wood used for your kitchen cabinet can be paid careful attention so that it conforms to your dream home vision. Getting what you want is part and parcel when it comes to dealing with luxury properties, after all.

Cutting Edge Technology

Homes and technology

Homes and Technology : This infographic shows how luxury homes are becoming even more automated.

Technology is increasingly important to the world we all live in, and keeping on top of trends and developments can be key to having a truly functional and enjoyable home. Mansion Global even has a feature on smart homes, listing all of the technology and gadgets that can be used to enhance your already top-of-the-line abode. Plus the are all sorts of new high tech features finding their way into new home designs such as solar roof tiles and integrated, semi intelligent appliances.

Needless to say, only the best equipment is installed throughout luxury properties. Televisions will be the thinnest and most flexible, with beautiful high-definition imaging. Nearly everything can be automated or programmed, from the lights to the curtains to the heated floors and more. Security systems also offer the latest and greatest in technological prowess, allowing you to enjoy your high-tech home securely.

Cultural Immersion

Luxury Homes Overseas

Luxury Homes Overseas : High disposable income solves many problems. Including gaining the ability to live in luxury anywhere in the world that might appeal.

Another unique upside to luxury properties is the fact that you can find them literally all over the world. You could have a secondary or even primary home elsewhere in the globe and enjoy all of the amenities available to the country in question.

You can live like a local and experience life in an entirely different land, allowing you to really escape the hustle and bustle of your home country and experience something truly one-of-a-kind. Many people enjoy overseas properties for exactly this reason, as living abroad can expand your horizons and allow you to partake in even more of life’s great adventures.

Recommended Resources and Further Reading

Final Thought

Luxury homes that are well designed and thought out can be an excellent investment, and the luxury market is currently quite robust. There are plenty of design and location options available to you, so if this is something you have decided you want to pursue, consider taking the first step and checking out some of the properties in your ideal locations with your most sought-after amenities and see what sort of gems you can unearth.