There are many Countdown Timer script plugins to choose from ranging from premium to free. If you’re creating a coming soon or under construction page, they are a great feature to have for allowing the viewer to see when the website will be live. Some of the plugins comes with free countdown timer shortcode, widget or PHP function that can be used in template files.

In this collection we’ve gathered 50+ jQuery Countdown Timer Scripts & Tutorials, these countdown timers are fantastic if you’re looking for a quick jQuery Script, WordPress Plugin or want to grab the source code. There are also jQuery Countdown Tutorials to help you learn more about building your very own Countdown Timer Scripts!


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jCountdown Mega Package

jCountdown is a highly customizable jQuery plugin, you can easily to use it on your site, you can try some different setting at preview page, and check all properties and methods at below


JBMarket Circular Countdown

Circular Countdown is a plugin counting the time left to the opening of your under construction website. Simply set start date and end date in the index.php file (the place is commented) and it will start counting for you.


Countdown / construction page

Easy adaptable countdown, under construction – page. Including manual for easy set-up. This is not a WordPress Plugin but standalone html – css & javascript


Count Everest Countdown | Responsive jQuery Plugin

Get your own easily customizable countdown script without any further JS knowledge! Count Everest is quickly integrated into your own markup. It’s extendable with callback functions, provides many options (e.g.: left-hand zeros), and comes with an easy-to-follow documentation. Localize it within seconds. Use your own font. And enjoy it even in Internet Explorer. We can’t wait to see what you create with it.


jQuery Responsive Countdown with Visual Builder

This is a javascript based tool that uses the canvas object to animate SVG defined drawings. The tool uses a flip animation to display the remaining time to or the elapsed time from a target date. The tool detects change of width and height of its container object and responds accordingly. Since it uses vector data to draw the digits and the panels of the countdown, there is no change in the quality of the displayed drawings when it gets resized. The tool features around 30 options to customize but it can also be used in a simple configuration.


Circular Countdown jQuery Plugin

With this element, you’ll be able to create simple, clean and original countdowns. This plugin mixes a jQuery countdown combined with canvas shapes easy to configure via a set of options.


CountDown Pro for WebSites/Events/Products Launch

You can use it as CountDown for WebSites, Events and Products launch or as expiry date for Offers and Discounts.


The Countdown Pro

The countdown functionality can easily be added to a content or sidebar area and let your users know the counts. With counting down and up functionality, gives you a full control to your counter. This plugin comes with shortcode generator and a multi-instances sidebar widget, packed with bunch of options. All styles and scripts area pulled in the header section. Every each counter have their own selector that enables you to create specific style or script to the selector.


fresh Parallax Under Construction Countdown

fresh Parallax Under Construction upgrades your “Coming Soon” page with a dynamic 3D cloudy sky with your logo or item of choice in focus. It cannot really be described, so please check out the live preview and experience the freshCloud feeling! See how your item of choice will get the attention of your visitors.


Count It Round – Standalone

Count It Round is a standalone plugin that allows you easy and fast to create circular countdown timers for your website.


Fancy Countdown – jQuery plugin

Fancy Countdown is a highly customizable jQuery plugin that lets you create an outstanding countdown. It´s very easy to use. You can set an own target date with a timezone. The plugin comes with an extensive API. Set it up only in 3 minutes! It´s working on all iToys(iPhone, iPad etc.) and smartphones which support JavaScript!


JavaScript Animated Counter

Simple, animated JavaScript counter, which will allow You to present rapidly increased or decreased values, such as number of registered users, total income etc. But that’s not all… this counter can be also used as a text or date & time displayer or as a clock. It can be also used as a countdown, to show time left for the beginning of a product release campaign or a sale start.


Coconut – Jquery Countdown Plugin

The countdown is a jQuery plugin that comes with many powerful features, the template its very easy to skin with any image or color. Easy to setup and integrate in any project. Very light, fully optimized to save space and memory usage. It uses a start date – end date system so there is no need for php, but if it comes to setting up the dates with php it can be done. The countdown can be set to use either the local time of the user or the server time supplied with any server side language.

jQuery Countdown Timer Scripts & Tutorials

Gaur – Countdown with animation

Easy adaptable countdown, under construction – page. Including manual for easy set-up.

jQuery Countdown Timer Scripts & Tutorials

Smart Timer And Counter

Smart Timer And Counter is a jQuery plugin that can be used to add timers and clocks to the web page. Plugin is highly configurable and expandable through custom skins (visual component), modes (clock/timer logic) and languages (translate labels).


Event Countdown

Countdown to an event with a photo image gallery that highlights the event. Easy to integrate jQuery plug-in. Images and gallery information added through the xml. Describe the event in detail with customizable header and description text. When the countdown is complete, reveal a custom message. Simple, straightforward implementation. Detailed documentation provided. Full layered psd file.



Custom countdown timers style (with css), javascript framework indipendent, no coding knowledge need for basic usage, simple themes for countdown timers already included.


Coffe Time – Sprite Countdown Flip

The countdown is a jQuery plugin that comes with many powerful features, the template its very easy to skin with any image or color. Easy to setup and integrate in any project. Very light, fully optimized to save space and memory usage. It uses a start date – end date system so there is no need for php, but if it comes to setting up the dates with php it can be done. The countdown can be set to use either the local time of the user or the server time supplied with any server side language.


Easy Countdown

A countdown system for you to put up on your site to notify people and keep them posted before your site actually launch.



The name says it all ! Included are 14 different skins to choose from and a template file (png format) to make your own. I’ve also simplified the setup process with an option generator and a preview in the documentation (can be seen in screenshots). All of the skins can be seen in the preview.


Led Time Panel

This led panel can be used as a countdown, a clock or as a random numbers. It’s easy to change parameters of this led panel (all parameters are written in HTML-file), that’s way you don’t need to edit the source code.


Vector Animated Countdown With Progress Bar

This Countdown is powered with a great cross-platform library — Raphaël — that uses SVG animation wherever it’s supported (and VML for IE browsers). Includes jQuery and several plugins for styling text with shadow and for background animation. Very easy to install. No technical knowledge needed for basic usage.


Ultimate JavaScript Counter

This is the animated counter based on JavaScript that displays the text, date, time, symbols or mixed mode as the counter view animation. You may use different colors, fonts, sizes, gradient backgrounds and 30+ visual effects to get your counter more awesome to view on your website or landing pages.


Product Countdown WordPress Plugin

With a countdown displaying on your products you create something like a scarcity mentality in people. It can create a feeling of fear, anxiety and maybe desperation just because they see that the price will rise in a specific period. It also make someone think that s/he has got only one shot right now. Buying a product then relieves much of the pressure (and the feeling of fear).


Under construction count-down, Extended version

This web program is the extended version of my previous under construction program. This version has most of the same features but with cool AJAX and JQuery codes that makes the program lot more user friendly. And the other big change is, you do not need a database to run this program on your server successfully! This program is also compatible for Javascript enable and disable web browsers.


WooCommerce Coupons Countdown

WooCommerce Coupons Countdown is an extension for WooCommerce, providing pretty coupons with real-time countdown counters. Show your customers the coupons they can use and when they expire.


jCircle Countdown Package Responsive jQuery Plugin

Highly simple, customizable and responsive jQuery plugin, you can easily to use it on your site, its easy and fast to create circle countdown, you can try some different setting at preview page.

jQuery Countdown Timer Scripts & Tutorials

Dynamic Countdown with Counter

Customisable Countdown Counter You can generate a few different colours, fonts an font weight with out handy generator. Can upload and have the countdown within 1-2 minutes on your website. Set up instructions easy to follow and use our generator to amend you colours and look.


5 Color Styles With 3 Versions Of Countdowns

Countdowns are developed for easy integration, use and customization. This element can countdown Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds. There are 3 versions of the countdown, each versions has 5 color styles.


Smart Timer And Counter: Flat Skins Addon

Smart Timer And Counter: Flat Skins Addon is collection of 7 skins for Smart Timer And Counter plugin. It will add 7 skins that have clean, flat and modern look with free color customization, changing sizes, fonts and other elements through plugin initialization, and with any extra styling you need through adding extra CSS styling. All skins are responsive.



Very cool under construction jQuery plugin. Do you want a very good and stylish countdown? Here you have a solution.


Circular Countdown jQuery Plugin

Circular Countdown is a jQuery plugin that comes with many powerful features, it’s very easy to skin with any color or image. Easy to setup and integrate in any project.


CSoon – Responsive Coming Soon w/ Admin Panel

CSoon is a full responsive “Coming Soon System” system with Admin Panel, where you will be able to customize and set various settings.


Difference – jQuery CountDown Plugin

Difference is jQuery plugin like no other out there. Providing two themes and six color schemes for five different types of countdowns and hundreds or even thousands of possible combinations for customization.


Christmas Countdown Animated Counter & Snowfall

This is using our original counter Concept (please see our portfolio) to have a christmas countdown for your website and applications. Quirky designs and animated snow fall effect, this is ideal to demonstrate how to utilise out countdown system with various effects not just for Christmas.


Colorful Clock Plugin

Using this colorful clock you’ll be able to create clocks with different sizes. You can use vector or to upload image with your own design. It’s easy to tune it. Clock Creator will help you to learn more about tuning of settings.


All-in-one Jquery Flip Timer Package Plugin

JQuery Flip Timers are the timers which comes with flipping animation.






So why use this library when there are many others with the same name? Well, this library was created because the other solutions weren’t abstract enough to provide a deep level of customization without rewriting the code. (Besides the domain was available, who could pass it up?). Some libraries have a huge cascade of conditionals, while others simply hard-code too much into their scripts. Most projects had a very narrow scope. After reviewing as many of the existing solutions as possible, it was determined a proper extendible API needed to be written to create any kind of clock or counter (and the flip effect is just cool). The following are the logical requirements that were considered when creating the API.


A Colorful Clock With CSS & jQuery

This week we are going to make a colorful jQuery & CSS clock, which will help you keep track of those precious last seconds of the year.


The Final Countdown

jQuery plugin to display a countdown clock on your page.


Extremely Lightweight jQuery Countdown Timer Plugin

downCount is a lightweight and fast jQuery plugin which helps you create a countdown timer with custom alert text and timezone support.


Simply jQuery Countdown Plugin (Translated) Plugin

This is a really simply script, but it is a countdown script…


How can I make a jQuery countdown

I thought I would break this up a bit and provide something that does both countdown, and redirection. After all, you may want to countdown and manipulate the DOM instead tomorrow. As such, I’ve come up with the following jQuery plugin that you can use, and study:


jQuery Countdown Plugin

You’ve probably been to sites like RapidShare and MegaUpload that allow you to download files but make you wait a specified number of seconds before giving you the download link. I’ve created a similar script but my script allows you to animate the CSS font-size of each second and present a reward at the end.


jQuery Countdown plugin that doesn’t sucks!

This countdown has a great animation. Did I mention that js code weighs just 1.7 KB?


Countdown jQuery plugin


KK Countdown jQuery plugin Plugin

Plugin kk countdown counts down to specific dates in the future.


Countdown Plugin

Countdown is a highly flexible javascript flip clock. Set it up to use external images (as shown above), or use without images as seen in the examples below.


jQuery Countdown Plugin

A jQuery plugin that sets a div or span to show a countdown to a given time.


Small jQuery Number Counter Plugin with Easing Effects

Counter.js is a small jQuery counter plugin that allows to count to or down from a given number at a custom speed, with easing effects support (jQuery easing plugin required.).


Attractive jQuery Circular Countdown Timer Plugin

TimeCircles is a simple yet attractive jQuery plugin for creating a countdown or count up timer with cool looking circular design.


Modern Circular jQuery Countdown Timer Plugin

Final Countdown is a cool jQuery timer plugin used to countdown in seconds, minutes, hours and days to any date time, with a ring-style countdown indicator. Ideal for creating a modern coming soon & in construction page for your upcoming project.