Amazing Poster Art for Kong Skull Island That You Will Want to See

Well beat your mighty chest and roar loudly, this is one of the best film posters that we have seen in a long time. This is the poster for King Kong, Skull Island

Generally we do not talk much about movie poster design here at DesignBump. However perhaps we really should do this more. Since this brand new poster for the upcoming adventure/monster reboot of Kong Skull Island is a real beauty of a monster poster.

In fact, so far Warner Bros Pictures and Legendary Films have done some stunning artwork with the promotional campaign for “Kong: Skull Island”. The poster designs for this monster movie have demonstrated that even with big film releases like Kong; experimental and perhaps unconventional poster designs still have a creative place. Some might say they also have an edge.

New Amazing Poster Art for Kong Skull Island

Kong Skull Island Movie Poster
The Kong Skull Island Movie Poster is unconventional compared to most modern monster film promo designs

Just last week this same film saw a “Apocalypse Now” inspired artwork for Kong Skull Island appear online. While it may not have been an official poster for the new King Kong monster movie it was certainly a great piece of original creative work.

This week however sees King Kong thunder once more with a brand new official poster. The new Kong Skull Island poster design is actually for the Japanese film market but do we care. Japanese poster art for this film appears to have topped all that has been and gone before.

Granted the U.S and International final posters for Kong Skull Island may end up being more clichéd, such as with the 2005 release pictured below; so lets see what actually happens. In the meantime this Kong Skull Island movie poster will whet you appetite for the final film. Or you can snack on a selection of Kong Skull Island trailers which we have lined up right here.

The director of the latest Kong film, Jordan Vogt-Roberts unveiled the Japanese poster for Kong Skull Island and it has been met with great reaction in press and online so far. Making this particular Kong poster an early frontrunner for one of the greatest movie posters of 2017. So even if Kong Skull Island bombs and sinks with audiences in cinemas it will at least have unleashed a pretty awesome monster movie poster. For creative designers who love this particular monster movie niche that can be no bad thing.

Official Japanese Poster Art for King Kong Skull Island

Japanese Poster Art for King Kong Skull Island
This is the awesome Japanese Poster Art for new film King Kong Skull Island

About Kong Skull Island

Even if you only mildly enjoy cool movie posters such as the Japanese poster art for King Kong Skull Island chances are you will enjoy the big screen reboot in the spring. The last King Kong movie was a more traditional Kong remake from Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson way back in 2005. That also was a decent effort. So Kong Skull Island will really have to top that earlier Peter Jackson movie in the overall thrills and adventure stakes.

King Kong 2005 Movie Poster
King Kong 2005 Movie Poster : The previous King Kong poster from 2005 was a more traditional ( and expected ) style of art and design.

In the new reboot called Kong Skull Island, scientists, soldiers and adventurers unite together in order to explore a mythical, uncharted island far out in the Pacific Ocean. Cut off from everything they know, they venture into the deadly jungle domain of the mighty Kong. Thus igniting the ultimate battle between man and nature.

As their mission of discovery soon becomes a campaign of desperate survival; only the bravest of the brave will survive their time on Skull Island. For more details on this spectacular looking King Kong reboot visit the official production web site.

Below also for your enjoyment and anticipation of this fabulous looking monster movie is the new Kong Skull Island Imax poster. The Kong Imax poster came out literally a day after this feature article was written and published so we thought we’d spoil you some more.

Kong Skull Island Imax Poster
Kong Skull Island Imax Poster

Déjà Vu Anyone?

The Kong Imax poster is a more traditional affair but note the obvious styling links to Apocalypse Now. You could be forgiven for blinking and looking again twice or even three times at this awesome Kong Imax poster. Not a poster copy by any stretch, far from it. Instead an epic, imaginative and creative Kong Skull Island derivative that all graphic poster designers and movie fans will appreciate.

Kong Apocalypse
Kong Apocalypse: If the Kong Skull Island Imax poster looked more than familiar then this is why folks

What Is The Kong Skull island Release Date?

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Kong Skull Island stars Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, John Goodman, Samuel L. Jackson and John C. Reilly in the 1970’s era monster movie. They discover a giant ape-sized mystery on a a newly discovered South Pacific island. If you can’t wait for the film then print out the poster. Otherwise “Kong: Skull Island” opens to general audiences on March 10th 2017.

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