Link building is a method of brand promotion, which is used very actively. In contradistinction to content marketing, which is responsible for the impressions and informing users about your brand, link building outreach is aimed at forming a set of a quality external mass of links for the purpose of quality search direction. The best option for the formation of profitability of the site is to use these tools in combination.

Link building is a tool used to obtain backlinks to the site. For Google and other search engines, these are the essential factors that build a page’s relevance to a key query and the so-called indexing. The latter is the number of any references from one scientific article to another similar one. The more references a scientific article receives, the more authoritative it becomes. Google and other search engines build a link factor based on this aspect.

Brief tasks of link building:

  1. Get quality links
  2. Achieve the maximum number of links
  3. Influence the link factor
  4. Influence the behavioral factor
  5. Index new pages
  6. Achieve profitability of the site

The purposes of link building are:

  1. Positively influence the promotion of landing pages
  2. Attract additional conversion traffic
  3. Increase ROI


It is important to form an effortless profile. All existing search engines, and especially the most famous Google, are evolving very fast, filling their archives with more and more information every day. If the search engine detects abnormal activity, your site may be blocked.

Hence, link building is more of a mechanical job, where everything has to be done manually.

The Google algorithm factor, which filters all sites, is very influential here. A site that falls under the filter for a while may drop out and, therefore, not generate revenue. In link building, it is very important to think about long-term prognoses. Every year, search engines upgrade their algorithms for determining non-natural profiles and sites. You need to think about each placement so as not to be blocked by search engines in the future.

Previously, 70 percent of the advertising budget was spent on links. This had an effect: link profiles were increased, and sites hit the top. All this was due to manipulation, not the natural popularity of a site. After a suspicious increase in low-quality resources, Google began monitoring these processes. Links were blocked. Such processes in the post-Soviet space were usually carried out, for example, by the Sapa website promotion company. Global brands have also been involved in information scandals due to spam on their own sites. For example, the Washington Post was blamed for selling links and the BBC for posting unnatural links. Of course, there are customers who still use the services of manipulative traffic. This makes sense because the page will have more views, but it will not bring long-term effects.

Another platform for link building can be mentioning your site on blogs, forums, and others. These paths provide a quality link profile. To organize your work in this direction rationally, it is necessary to understand that many forums and other similar platforms are limited by strict motivation. Links left there may be removed the next day. And this may happen on many resources. Links to the site must be placed in the text, not separately. Of course, these should be forums and blogs that match the theme of your site. You should also consider a geographical indication for successful targeting. If you use all these tools, the traffic will increase significantly. It will also carry a behavioral factor and reputation, and since everything is thematic, the conversion factor wins.

Placing links to authoritative resources also plays an important role. It is considered a network marketing tool.

For example, your site orders sponsored content from a news site. You need to order such sponsored content only on the visited and popular news resource. Next, less-visited news sites will rewrite the information. When they rewrite the news, there is still a link to our site, but you paid for sponsorship content only once, while receiving a portfolio of links.

With stable budgeting and the formation of a natural frequency of mentions of your site on the network, you can get the popularity of your brand.