Logo Designs are all around us in our everyday life, they help to define a businesses brand or product. If a logo is designed well they can bring lots of positive influences to a company, but if they are designed badly they can have negative effects. Because Logo Designs gone wrong can be very funny to look at, here is a collection of  badly designed logos, next time you design a logo stay away from these failures!


1. Kudawara

2. Arlington Pediatric Center

3. Doughboys – pizza – salad – panini

4. Atherton Car Centre

5. Dental clinic

6. Another dental clinic

7.Any idea what this is supposed to be? Can’t figure out? Child care centre or what?? But looks otherwise!!

8. Megaflicks

9.Kids Exchange

10. Computer Doctors

11. Kostelecke Uzeniny

12. Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission

13. Office of Government Commerce

14. SafePlace Logo

15. Encebe logo

16. Trans’hit

17. Market Plaza