A similar question in the field of beauty arises most often in the summer, when people expose their figures and wear bikinis. Often, before going on vacation and visiting the beach, people try to eliminate all figure flaws in a short time. And indeed, a course of massage can greatly improve the condition of the skin and adjust the waist even without losing weight. Especially on vacation, you can combine business with pleasure. While swimming in the azure water and sunbathing on the beaches in Dubai, you can visit https://armonia.ae/ and get the positive effect of a luxury massage. It is not necessary to get an anti-cellulite massage every time you go to the massage center; a hot massage from professionals is perfect for general wellness and relaxation.

In order to decide which method of combating figure imperfections can give more effect: anti-cellulite massage or lymphatic drainage, you need to understand the nature of the occurrence of unevenness on the hips.

Cellulite is a response of external tissues to internal processes, during which a kind of swelling occurs. As a result, the connective tissues are compressed, which disrupts blood circulation and causes protruding bumps and bumps on the skin.

In modern cosmetology, they offer several types of effects on the skin, during which there should be a gradual elimination of cellulite and its manifestations. The most popular and in demand are anti-cellulite and lymphatic drainage massage. The specialist chooses the appropriate massage option depending on the client’s individual characteristics and indications.

Anti-cellulite Massage

It has the ability to relax external tissues, thereby allowing you to tone and loosen the connective and fatty layers. After this, blood circulation is normalised, due to which the external manifestations of cellulite are hidden.

It perfectly tones not only the skin, but also the muscles, thereby cleansing the body of toxins and stagnant waste. There is an opinion that anti-cellulite massage, which did not cause any discomfort, cannot bring any benefit. This is not entirely true; in any case, the procedure helps improve muscle function and improve skin condition. This massage, performed in combination with aromatic oils, can tone the entire body.

You cannot expect an immediate disappearance of the manifestations of cellulite, but over time, provided that the course has been completed in full, the effect can be seen. But in general, it all depends on the skin type and how advanced the stage of cellulite will be in a particular woman.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This procedure is based on the removal of stagnant lymph from the body.

Lymph is the fluid that is found deep within the skin cells. It is a kind of place where the body removes most of the toxins and harmful substances that enter it from the outside or are processed as a result of metabolic processes. Ideally, lymph is independently excreted by the body, but in a sedentary lifestyle it tends to stagnate, thereby worsening not only the quality of life, but also the appearance of the skin.

Lymphatic drainage aims to remove fluid excessively accumulated by body tissues, as a result of which the appearance of the skin improves. This procedure requires quite serious knowledge and skills from the master. Lymphatic drainage massage is especially useful in the presence of cellulite, in combination with swelling and sagging skin. After the procedure, the body is filled with lightness and strength, moreover, this type of impact is quite pleasant.

It is preferable to use lymphatic drainage in cases where there are minor lesions on the skin and the blood vessels are quite weak, as a result of which a hard anti-cellulite massage will cause not only physical, but also aesthetic problems. A contraindication to anti-cellulite massage is the presence of spider veins. There are no restrictions on weight.

In general, when choosing between lymphatic drainage and anti-cellulite massage as a means of combating cellulite, you need to take into account contraindications and skin condition. The ideal way to combat cellulite is a combination of these two procedures.


Lymphatic drainage massage is often compared to classic and anti-cellulite massage. But each method differs in the type of impact and intensity of sensations.

Lymphatic drainage massage is performed with soft stroking movements; the specialist influences the lymphatic system, the nodes and the direction of fluid flow. In contrast to this technique, anti-cellulite massage is aimed at “breaking” fat cells: the massage therapist acts on the body quite intensely, trying to speed up blood flow and rid fat cells of fluid.