Christmas decorations always light up the room to create something special and enchanting. If you’re looking to create something yourself this year here’s a project just for you! To make this DIY Colorful Sparkle Ball Light you’ll basically need transparent plastic cups and some christmas lights.

You may not believe it, but these 2 elements can create a sensation DIY colorful sparkle ball light that’s perfect for Christmas or any occasion! Created by the ream on, they have shared their instructions on how to make this colorful disco like ball. The instructions are pretty straight forward: you take a bag of transparent plastic cups, drill through their bottoms, punch holes near the top, tight them up together, and, lastly, run the light garland into and through the cups. All that’s left is to hang the sparkleball, turn on its lights, and rejoice.

The video tutorial and images are below!

Beautiful Sparkleballs In Different Colors


Image credits: sparkleball_lady



Image credits: vwluvrs

You can attach the cups to each other with zip-ties


Image credits: sparkleball_lady

Or you can use wooden clothes pins to hold the cups before using hot glue



Image credits: adamvan2000

Wall Mounted Sparkleball


Image credits: vwluvrs

Image credits: vwluvrs