Connecting with customers can be hard. People see thousands of ads every day, and getting your brand to stand out is a challenge. There are lots of things you can do to get around this issue, but outdoor signs Brisbane are one of the most reliable solutions.

Outdoor signage is the perfect chance to connect with potential customers as they pass by your business. The right signs will convey important information about your brand, products and services at a glance, and that’s an excellent tool if you’re trying to grow your business.

There is no shortage of outdoor signage options on the market. In this article we’re going to look at some of the most common types of outdoor signs and how they can help your business stand out.

1. A-Frame Signs

A-frame signs (sometimes called sandwich boards) are a staple of the outdoor signage industry.

These simple signs are an affordable, portable and flexible way to advertise your business. The beauty of A-frame signs lies in their simplicity. A-frames can be used to display any information you want. If you want to communicate your branding, provide directions to your store, display your menu or anything else, A-frame signs can be printed to suit.

2. Moveable Banners

The next step up from A-frame sandwich boards is moveable banners. These types of banners take all sorts of forms, but tear-drop banners are always popular.

Like sandwich boards, moveable banners are very flexible in how they can be used. Many businesses use moveable banners to help their business stand out from the surrounding shops. If your outdoor signage isn’t easily visible to someone walking past your business, you can use moveable banners to make more of an impression.

Plus, these sorts of banners can go wherever you do. If your business moves (such as food trucks), or if you’re attending an event or trade convention, you can simply bring your banners along!

3. 3D Lettering and Logos

3D lettering is the basis for many modern outdoor signs. With letters being produced from acrylic, metal, timber and other materials, this type of signage has incredible depth that is eye-catching and modern.

3D lettering techniques can also be used to create other shapes and designs, such as logos. This can then be combined with lighting to deliver striking designs that will look modern for decades to come.

4. Lightboxes

One of the simplest types of outdoor signage, light boxes consist of an opaque plastic box with signage printed on the face. The signage is then lit from inside the box, creating a soft glow that doesn’t overpower the rest of the sign.

This type of signage is used for all sorts of shops and businesses. It’s a versatile solution that stands out, even at night.

5. Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs are just one type of sign. These days, illumination can be added to pretty much any type of sign you have in mind. With modern LED technology, illuminated signs are brighter and more affordable than ever, and we even have the capability of replicating iconic styles such as neon tubes.

6. Window Decals

Shop windows offer a peek into your business. If people are already looking in that direction, you can use window decals to catch their attention and convey more information about the business.

As a bonus, window decals are great for increasing privacy. This is common for real estate agents and other professional services that maintain a shop front as an office. Depending on your needs, window decals can provide complete black-out privacy, or they can be printed on perforated vinyl that allows one-way vision through the signage.

7. Wall Signs and Murals

The walls of your building are some of the best real estate you have available. Covering your external walls with signage or murals can turn any building into a stand out feature.

The best part about wall signs is that there are no limits. Wall signs are often hand painted or printed and stuck on, so your signs can feature anything you want. It’s common to see wall signs with logos and business names, but they’re also a great way to convey business colors, opening hours and major information such as your website address.

What’s the Best Type of Outdoor Signage for My Business?

There’s no “best” type of outdoor signage for every business. The signs you choose depend on the type of business you’re running, your location, budget, customers and what information you want to convey.

If you have a large premises and want to display your name proudly, illuminated 3D lettering is a simple but effective solution. If you’re running a small restaurant though, light boxes, A-frame signs and wall decals may be the better option.

In most cases, businesses should be using a combination of outdoor signage. We recommend using something like a lightbox or 3D lettering for your main signage, and then using window and wall decals to add a bit of extra personality to your premises.