Homelessness appears to be a endless drawback. For Lee Jeffries, which means his picture challenge won’t ever finish. He pictures homeless individuals to point out the humanity that they possess. Nevertheless, Jeffries’ intentions weren’t so benign when he first began taking photos. Nevertheless, all of it modified at one level.

Love ‘happened’ to me,” Jeffries wrote on Bored Panda. “Back then, that love was the motivation for everything I did. Running through the Vatican to buy a Rosary for her dying mother. Feeling her sense of faith and compassion for the less fortunate. Without knowing it, I took pieces from her. They remain with me to this day. So, now, when you see a Lee Jeffries image it’s not a document of the life of a homeless person. It’s much more than that. It’s a metaphysical testimony of humanity, faith and spirituality. It’s born from love and a connection to another human being. Her… and the homeless people I meet.

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