Getting High Facebook Engagement Rate and increase the number of Facebook followers is the core objective of any brand which is doing social media marketing. The real struggle today is to find smart ways which can help to increase followers on facebook and on different social media platforms, like twitter, instagram, youtube and many more.

Social media platforms work differently as compared to traditional mediums when it comes to marketing of brands. In social media marketing, audience has the option either to watch or to ignore the advertisements by blocking it. However in traditional marketing approach people can’t fully avoid the advertisement and they have to see it somehow whether on a billboard, while watching TV or while listening to their favorite radio station.

Due to this, social media marketing needs more efforts in order to make the marketing campaign eye catchy and entertaining so that it could result in high engagement rate and more facebook fan following. Following are some ways that are really useful for businesses to broaden their fan following.

Using hashtags is one of the most used and most liked trends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Adding interesting and unique hashtags in the image’s captions and in the posts helps business to get more facebook followers. The reason is that whenever someone used the same hashtag as yours in their search, you posts become visible to that user. Under this situation usually the user will visit your post and page because using same hashtags are an indicator of mutual interest.

Image Quality:

Quality of the image that you share on your facebook account or social media platforms is literally the game changer. Do not expect to get youtube views or get instagram likes if you are posting a dull and inferior quality image. High quality images are more likely to get more views and likes because it automatically attracts the audience. We all use social media platforms and being a user it’s not hard to understand that pictures with low quality are usually ignored. So while posting an image focus on its quality for getting high engagement rate.

Adding Links In The Post:

Another good way to increase the traffic on your facebook page or website is to add other social media profile’s link or website link in the posts. For example, if you are posting something on Twitter then you can add yourFacebook profile link in post and ask your Twitter followers to like your Facebook page as well. This will help you to increase your facebook audience community.

Actively Respond On Relevant Stuff:

The amount of time and efforts a brand puts in the social media marketing plays a very important role in the battle ofgetting more facebook and social media followers. Marketing on social media is not about just posting stuff on brand’s page. It constantly required a lot of time of marketers along with the relevant and entertaining material. It’s a big part of marketer’s job to respond on the stuff that is relevant to their businesses.

For example, if your brand is about Jewelry then you should search for other brands in the same business and show your response on their stuff. There are many ways to respond and increase your facebook following base. For example, you can comment on their post which will give you an exposure to the other brand’s followers. It is possible that they visit your page and be a part of your facebook followers. Similarly you can share other brand’s stuff by giving them the right credit which is a good way to start a closer relation and alliance with competitors. Ultimately this activity will give you recognition among other brand’s followers who might end up being your followers as well.

Buy Facebook Likes

Facebook is massive at the moment. Everybody you know will more than likely have a Facebook account so just think of the business potential. It is hard for a person or a start up company to attract Facebook Likes to your page or postswhen it is empty. This is why you Buy Facebook Likes in the first instance to give your page an impression that it is trustworthy. Having an empty looking Facebook page or posts will only deter people from Liking your page/posts naturally. The quickest easiest way to show appreciation for a facebook post is to hit the like button. Facebook engagement revolves around this feature. And this is the most used feature on Facebook. Apart from engaging and exciting catchy post another way to get facebook likes on your post is you buy the likes rather than spending a fortune on your social media campaigns. It does wonders when it comes to facebook activity and engagement.

Captioning Your Images Right:

Addition of quality captions in your post while posting it on social media platforms is essential if you are looking formore youtube views or views for your posts in general. The hidden story behind an image can helps to increase the interest of audience. Moreover, captions are a good way to communicate how you feel about a certain image.

Post right amount of non-business stuff:

It is a psychological affect that customers and audience love to see the personal and non-materialistic side of business. Business can use this curiosity of users to get more recognition and likeness from the audience. A business should create a right balance between business related posts and personal kind of posts. Adding some personal pictures and posting something outside the business activities can be a good way to increase the social media following base. For example, adding a picture of a cup of tea with a caption ‘soul mate’ will surely attract tea lovers. It will drive them to respond on your post and they will automatically get emotionally attached with your brand because of a common interest.

Regular Posts:

Posting occasionally on social media platforms is damaging for brands. You need to constantly post something worthy in order to keep your relation with audience alive. There are many software (Buffer, Hootsuite,SproutSocial, Dlvr and more…) that assist businesses in scheduled posts. You can try these software if you fear that you can’t catch up with your audience through posts regularly.

Consider Feedbacks:

Giving appropriate consideration to the audience’s feedback is very important thing to do for brands. You must reply to the concerns and responses of audience in timely manner and make them realize that their feedback is very important to you and you appreciate their concerns.
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