Choosing the place to rest is not a decision that is taken lightly, that is why here we decided to indicate what are the appropriate mattress measures and the considerations you should take before choosing one.

There are several factors to take into account when buying a mattress, including: weight, height, sleeping posture, temperature, and allergies to certain materials. From these factors and personal tastes will depend on which model to choose between the types and sizes of mattress.

Mattress types to choose

To get to know the types of mattress it is important to know that they all have a central structure called the core. This is practically the life of the mattress and according to the material used for its construction, an average life span of the mattress is estimated.

The types of mattress to find in the market according to the construction of its core are:

Spring Mattresses

They are long lasting and are available for various sizes of beds and are known as traditional. According to the type of spring used for its construction, it can be classified as:

Mattresses with bonell or bionic springs

The springs are nothing more than high-quality compressed springs. In the case of mattresses with bonell springs, they have a core formed with hundreds of these which are independent and are linked by steel threads.

Mattresses with continuous thread springs

Known for their great firmness and long life, they are mattresses made from a single elongated steel thread. It is one of the most advanced in spring-type mattresses and is ideal for distributing the weight of the body evenly.

Pocket spring mattresses

The latest in spring mattress technology. It consists of the succession of reinforced metal springs placed individually in bags or covers, in order to avoid contact between them. They are known as a type of durable and firm mattress.

HR foam mattresses

They are mattresses whose core is made of High Residence (HR) foam, a material known technologically for its high flexible capacity. They have a soft surface and standard firmness, are highly purchased by people seeking continuous rest without interruptions and are available for various mattress sizes.

Its duration depends on the density of the HR foam. According to the thesleepshopinc recommendations about foam density, if you choose a mattress with a density between 30 and 40, this foam “has a higher resilience power or a high return threshold”, as well as a fairly long service life.

Latex core mattresses

Being one of the most elastic cores for a mattress, latex provides elasticity from its center and projects firmness towards the surface. This type of mattress allows the homogeneous distribution of each person on the mattress, without being affected by weight or movement. Popular for being durable and available for various mattress sizes.

Memory Foam Mattresses

These are other popular mattresses for their comfort and adaptability to the body. Its memory foam core is extremely flexible, and although it seems shaky, rest on these types of mattress is guaranteed.

Mattress measurements according to needs

Having known the types of mattress according to the material of its core, it is important now to know the available mattress measures so that you can choose which one best suits your requirements.

The most popular mattress measurements are described with its commercial name below:

Single / Twin or individual

Ideal for people who sleep alone and want to have enough comfort, the mattress measurements of the individual model are: 90 cm wide x 190/200 cm long. Take into account that your bed must have at least the following measurements: 100 cm wide x 190 cm long.

Double / full or matrimonial

As the name implies, they are mattresses with a sufficient area for a couple, or also for those who want to sleep alone with more space and comfort. The mattress measurements of the matrimonial model are: 135 cm wide x 190 cm long.

Queen size

With dimensions similar to the matrimonial size, the Queen Size model provides slightly larger mattress sizes for those who require a little more space. Its measurements are 150 cm wide x 190cm long, providing 20 centimeters more width than the matrimonial model.

King size

A mattress to sleep with the whole family may be the best option. The measurements that you should consider for this type of mattress are 200 cm wide x 190 cm long.

California King size

For those who like unlimited comfort and mobility, alone or accompanied, the King Size is perfect. The mattress measurements of this model are the largest on the market, being 183 cm wide x 213 cm long, with enough space to move and rest regardless of weight and height.

Complementary accessories for the mattress

Buying a new mattress is also a perfect opportunity to purchase some bed accessories. A set of satin sheets with a pair of feather pillows could be the perfect combination for a pleasant rest on the chosen mattress. Checkout this before making any decision: