Inspired by nature and wildlife these most beautiful nature tattoos are very realistic and charming. Nature can be a great concept for a tattoo, with some elegant and down to earth art featuring roses, mountains, woods, forest, flowers and birds. If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, a nature tattoo is a nice idea to choose!

In today’s modern world of concrete walls and floors, nature has taken a backseat to most of our lives. Get back to nature with these gorgeous nature tattoos. These nature tattoos are energizing and soul rejuvenating with some beautiful nature wildlife scenery to look at when you’re in need of a little escape.






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Finch Linden / Flickr
workmana10 / Flickr
Emily Boyer Photography / Flickr
Shelby Herzfeld / Flickr

Tattoo by Princesstattoo Silvia in Forlì, Italy.

Amanda Wachob
Thea Duskin /

Tattoo by Den Yakovlev.

Charles Hildreth / 500px
Jenna Bumgardner / Flickr

Tattoo by Brandon Holt of Uptown Tattoo.

Tattoo by Amanda Wachob, of watercolor tattoo fame.

Tattoo by Terence at No Regrets in Tallahassee, FL.