The best way to move big furniture pieces is to hire an experienced mover. Professional movers understand the significance of using dollies for moving large items. They have a wide range of dollies at their disposal. They can move heavy and large items with less effort through dollies. They also protect against damage and injuries. But, using dollies is not as simple as you think it is. Before purchasing a dolly product or asking for it from the moving company you’ve contracted, you should consider looking at the available types of dollies represented in the marketplace.

A handy guide for the mover on how to use the dolly to move

If you’ve not heard of the term “dolly” (or a moving supply), It’s an elongated platform with four wheels that permits movers to move huge or unusually-shaped furniture. When you use the dolly, you not only prevent any injuries resulting from the weight of the object on a leg, but you also shield the walls, narrow corridors, and the space around it from damage. Furthermore, certain moving dollies have a platform area carpeted with soft material for extra protection. We’ve gathered valuable details about various types of dollies and the methods to utilize them.

Common dolly types used by expert moving professionals today.

Two main types of dollies can be used to move heavy objects. They come with four wheels and the ones with two wheels. When the word dolly is used, many immediately think of the dolly with four or two wheels. However, the selection of dollies available goes far beyond this misconception. These are the types of furniture that movers NYC may use:

  • Appliance dolly. An appliance dolly is the most efficient method to transport massive appliances like washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators to their new homes. They come with a bigger base and secure straps to guarantee the unit remains in place.
  • Stair dolly. Stair dollies are powered by batteries and are equipped with six wheels. They look like a hand truck. They are easy to turn, making it possible to climb up or down. The heavier-duty version of the staircase dolly is among the most efficient but expensive pieces of equipment for moving heavy objects that require force to be lifted and transported.
  • Utility dolly. This type of dolly is also known as a hand truck. It features two wheels that are mounted on a metal base. This model is suitable for all purposes and can handle even the heaviest objects. It can also accommodate boxes of different dimensions if they are too heavy and bulky to lift. In addition, the utility dolly has an elastic strap that allows moving companies to secure the items that are being moved.
  • Furniture dolly. Four-wheeled wooden dollies are utilized to transport furniture. They do not have any handles, although their surface is coated with soft material to avoid damaging delicate furniture pieces. To put together a dolly for furniture, place one piece of furniture on top and push it forward.

A dolly for moving that is the right dimension and type is selected based on the object to be moved. What if a single moving dolly can be used for multiple reasons?

Furniture and utility dolly are the differentiators

Many dollies are available. The furniture dolly vs. utility dollies debate is a hot topic. A utility dolly is a multi-purpose equipment. Which dolly should you pick when you have to move heavy furniture? In this case, the capabilities of both dollies will help you make the right decision. A heavy-duty furniture doll can only lift 1000 pounds, while a utility doll can lift objects to 600lbs. A furniture dolly is ideal for moving large and oddly-shaped appliances or furniture, as a utility dolly can lift and move smaller objects. The latter is also able to be used for different purposes. For example, this dolly can be used for moving boxes that weigh a lot but are small.

What kind of dolly would you prefer to use to move ahead?

Since you don’t need to exert the time and effort to move large items out of your home, dollies ease the process. Professional movers will choose the best kind of dolly based on the size and weight of the objects that need to be removed. The utility dolly is one of the most popular choices for it is perfect for moving heavy boxes, while the kind designed to lift and move furniture is selected for massive furniture pieces, for example:

  • Pianos.
  • Sofas and couches
  • Dressers.
  • Bookcases and bookshelves cannot be easily dismantled.

As stated in the previous paragraph, if you have heavy domestic appliances that need to be moved, the movers you have already employed will consider hiring an appliance dolly instead of lifting such a delicate yet very heavy item. It is possible to request a stair dolly in case you are moving out of the house with a few stories and some things need to be brought down. However, they are huge and heavy.

Dollys and other moving equipment utilized by experienced movers

When hiring a dolly furniture mover and crew of professional moving experts, remember that they carry many moving supplies and tools. They use not only the dollies mentioned earlier but as well as the following equipment:

  • Different types of cardboard boxes, sealed with strong-duty tape
  • Additional tools to take apart massive pieces of furniture in an hour or less.
  • Different cushioning and protective materials, including bubble wrap, plastic wrap, packing paper, and packaging.

Moving experts can also help customers prepare before working on their possessions. For example, they will protect the walls with soft materials to guard against any unexpected damage.