You may have noticed on social media platforms that people put a couple of videos together. Sometimes, it may be glaring, sometimes it may not be that obvious. No one sees the backend of these videos except the content creators themselves. Movies are created by joining a lot of videos together. Everyone utilizes this skill.

Putting videos together is very crucial when it comes to creating content. There is a good chance you would need to put several videos together when you are about to create a video, whether it is a blog, a skit, a short play, or even a YouTube instructional video.

Putting these videos together not only brings aesthetics to the videos you are making, but it saves you lots of time and stress trying to create perfection in just one shoot. You can trim out all the good parts and merge them. Furthermore, you get to display an ample amount of information in just one goal. Imagine the amount of influence this could pull on your viewers.

Getting The Right Software

Every year we notice an advancement in technology, but there is always a search for an easier way to do things. It’s a great feeling when you complete a task meant for an hour, in minutes. This applies here as well.

Putting videos may seem a hefty task to accomplish, but there is certain software that helps you get the job done in a couple of minutes. Most times, it could be just two click on your mouse. One software that allows you to put videos together is Video Merger.

This software simplifies the functionalities of putting these videos together to make it easier, faster, and better. However, you may be curious to ask how Video Merger simplifies its functionalities, or better still, these functionalities. It is important to review the various concerns of the ‘experts’ when it comes to putting videos together.

Criteria to Consider when putting videos together

There are certain criteria you should consider when finding the right tool to provide you with the ease you desire. These criteria were met by the Video Merger which makes it top on the list to put videos together seamlessly.


The topic of quality is always a deal breaker when creating videos. Most software platforms out there find it difficult to maintain the quality of the video, and in this case, the quality of the videos, after they have been joined together. Another obstacle is ensuring that both videos are of the same quality. Video Merger gives you the ability to click on any resolution you need with just one click of the mouse.

User Interface

This brings all other features together. The user interface of any software matters. Video Merger has a friendly user interface that allows you to see all the functions easily, in one place. It gives you an overview of how your video looks, how you can perform other functions, how you can add multiple videos together, and how you can encode the videos and save them. There is no learning curve, it is very descriptive.

How To Put Videos In a Matter of Seconds

To get started on using this awesome software, you have to visit the website. Video Merger is an online video editing software that allows you to freely put your videos together. Here is a step-by-side guide to follow after you visit the website.

Upload Your Video File

You probably have your video files stored on your computer. The goal now is to ensure you get them into the software for editing. The first page you see on the website shows you a button where you can add your files directly. You can also drag and drop your files into the software, depending on the one you prefer.

This video merger allows several file formats.

Add More Videos

Once the upload is complete, you can add more videos from your laptop to the software. To do this, click files and the drop-down menu that appears will give a button to click to add these videos directly. You can add as many videos as you want by doing this process again or better still, select all the videos you need and add them at once.

Putting these Videos Together

These Videos are automatically put together. You can move them if the order is not the way you want them to be. You can trim the videos to reduce their length. You can also play around with several functions to create a smooth transition from one video to another.

Encode and Save the video

This is an easy process. Locate the gear icon on the screen, and tap on it to encode your video. You can see several file formats of your choice, select your preferred choice, and save. Then click save again to save the video back to your device.


You can join multiple videos together easily and quickly by just adding them to the software. There is no learning curve.