Ogongo is a cargo forwarder providing a wide range of services to support your shipping needs. If you want to expand your ecommerce business with foreign customer base, then you business have to walking through long & expensive processes. It’s not favor of your business revenue. Ogongo support you with best solutions of shipping service after your foreign customer’s order.

Shipping to Nigeria, Ghana!

If you have no idea about your business growth, then you should visit our site for finding best service support because Ogongo’s aim is to create a platform that will allow seamless trade between the United Kingdom and Africa. Here, we completely help you for your business with hassle free shipping support; we offer a full range of freight forwarding services African countries like Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria customized to meet your requirements.  As members of an extensive network of shipping agents, we have the resources necessary to move your merchandise at a competitive rate, even when deadlines are tight or logistics are complex.

If you have any doubt or problem with shipping services, then you have to aware about all these services before hire them, because some courier service company make different kinds of scam their delivering services, then be aware and don’t ship to Nigeria with such company. Here, at Ogongo assure you that, we have best management staffs, which completely care of all that services. We provide all of our clients with complete logistics solutions from domestic trucking and international air and ocean shipping to warehousing services.

Ogongo offers a wide range of shipping services, by air freight, sea freight and international courier. Find the solution you need to get your goods to their destination on time. If you are choosing our services of shipping then our team assure you that your products will reach their destination with best condition. By choosing for your freight shipping needs you can rest easy and know that your shipment is going to arrive at its destination at the time you need it to. Why not benefit from being part of this exciting journey! For more information visit our site www.ogongo.co.uk