Imagine stepping into your backyard after a long and tiresome day to relax and all you see around is fallen leaves and no space to sit and unwind in the cozy sunny weather outside. That’s not a good place to be. Your backyard is just as important part of your house as your bedroom or kitchen. Perhaps you don’t spend much time in your backyard but still, it’s a nice idea to have a nice-looking backyard.

After all, the backyard isn’t just a place for you to relax and unwind. But, your backyard is the place where you make a ton of memories from spending your sunny weekends reading books with your family or hosting evening house parties with your friends. Your backyard isn’t only a haven of memories but a significant part of your house. As per the experts at Seattle property management, a simple backyard upgrade can reap you a significantly higher value of your house than the current market prices. So, besides spending cozy days in your backyard, do you need any more reasons to invest in your backyard’s upgrade?

In this article, we’ll dive into some expert-loved tips for transforming the look of your backyard and making it a cozy haven for your intimate family weekends or for hosting crazy house parties with your friends. So, keep reading to know more.

Expert-loved Tips for a Backyard Transformation That Will Go “Wow”!


Landscaping Magic

Imagine stepping into someone’s backyard and seeing just plain ground with grass. How boring and dull would that look? So, don’t be that kinda person and invest some time in landscaping your backyard. You can consider planting some trees and shrubs in your backyard to add some layers to it. This won’t just make your backyard look interesting but also add some personality to it. Besides that, you can also consider adding some flowers to make your backyard look more vibrant and aesthetic like the rest of your house.

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Comfortable Furnishings

Now that your backyard has got some plants and flowers, now’s the time to add some furniture to it. Well, what’s the point of spending time planting trees and flowers in your backyard if you can’t spend some serene time with them? To make your backyard a comfortable oasis for spending time, you can consider adding a sectional sofa, chairs, or even a hammock for lazy afternoons. Remember that it’s an outdoor space so invest in quality and durable furnishings and make sure they are weather-resistant so they don’t go bad as soon as you invest in them. These furnishings will add a comfortable and functional element to your backyard.

Ambient Lighting

After your backyard is all done with its functional elements, now is the time to focus on its aesthetics. After all, we had started revamping your backyard just for its aesthetics only, right? So to transform your backyard from an ordinary to an extraordinary one, you can consider decorating it with some fairy string lights or rope lights. Arrange these lights on the trees and around the pergolas or gazebos of your backyard. This won’t just look aesthetic but also light up the whole place after the sun’s gone.

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Water Features

This is perhaps a hefty expense but worth spending on one. What if the gentle sounds of a river flowing come to your own backyard? How amazing would that feel? It would turn your backyard into a true oasis or a perfect family picnic spot for Sundays. You can consider building a small pond, a fountain, or even a cascading waterfall in your backyard to enhance its look. This won’t just make your backyard look more aesthetic but also offer a calm and serene atmosphere for you to unwind after a long day.

Sustainable Elements

Before you go all out to transform the look of your backyard here’s a thing, it can very easily get really expensive. Buying new furniture, a water feature, and lights all can add up to a big cost. So, instead of buying a brand new of everything you can consider buying second-hand pieces of each of these things. This won’t just save you some dimes but also make your backyard upgrade project eco-friendly.

Final Thoughts

Doing a backyard makeover is not a difficult task. Using the tips we just shared, you can easily upgrade the look of your backyard. Whether you want to host a barbeque party or spend some time with family in your backyard with these tips you’re all sorted to host every occasion.