Having a baby is an exciting and nerve-wracking time. There is so much to think about, so much to plan, and a million different parenting products being recommended all the time. As a new mom, you’re most likely wondering what you’ll need to have at the hospital to reduce pain and stress during labor and once the baby is born.

Here are our top three products that all new moms should bring to the hospital for birth.

Printe Mommy Hospital Bag

This bag by Printe is a true essential for any mommy in labor. It comes in solid colors and prints, with the words “Mommy Bag” written on the front. It comes with two smaller bag inserts for baby items and personal care items.

You’ve most likely been planning your birth for a while. If you’re traveling away from home to a hospital or birthing center, this bag will be essential in helping you relax during labor and delivery. Here are some items to pack inside:

  • A nursing bra
  • Breast pads
  • A pump (just in case)
  • Newborn baby onesies
  • Soft hats for your newborn
  • Baby towel for your baby’s first bath
  • Several nursing gowns, in case you’re in the hospital for a while
  • A hairbrush
  • Other self-care items that you may need


The pros of this hospital bag include:

  • Plenty of space and an extra zipper pocket
  • Inner storage bags
  • Durable materials


The cons of this product include:

  • It could be costly for some families
  • Doesn’t have as many pockets as some other bags

Kindred Bravely Pink Nursing Gown

One of the most essential parts of labor and delivery is making sure you’re comfortable. Above all else, you’ll want to make sure the baby can be easily accessed by doctors when it’s time to give birth, but you’ll want to still be clothed. A nursing and delivery gown is a comfortable alternative to a rough white hospital gown.

These gowns by Kindred Bravely are made of soft polyester and cotton. They have an area along the front to remove for nursing once your baby is here. You can also undo them near the bottom if needed. The style is modern yet modest, with several color options available.


The pros of this gown include:

  • Easy to undo in the front
  • Comfortable
  • More stylish than a hospital gown
  • Allows room to undo at the bottom
  • Affordable


Some of the cons of this gown include:

  • It may be a bit too long, as it falls around the lower leg area on shorter bodies
  • Only two pattern options are available

Cynpel Peri Bottle

You may have heard of the peri bottle before. It’s a contraption used to provide relief to mothers when using the bathroom after birth. For a while after delivery, you may experience bleeding, burning, and sharp pain down below. You’ll want to be prepared.

Fill the bottle with warm water and use it while using the bathroom or when you have pain. Many moms swear by this invention and use it for a couple of months after birth to relieve post-partum pain and burning.

This bottle is affordable and the perfect size to use with ease. Squeeze the main chamber to use it, allowing the water to flow up. The package describes it as a “mobile bidet.”


The pros of this product include:

  • Relief for the mother after birth
  • Affordable for any mom


The product doesn’t have many cons. However, you may want a larger size if you aren’t a fan of the 12oz option. Test the product before the day of your birth to see what may work best for you.