Create the perfect relaxing space outdoors and harmonize it with your personal taste with the following recommendations. 

Everyone wants a tranquil space at home where to connect with nature and get rid of the stress their work causes. Humans belong to the natural environment, so it’s run-of-the-mill for them to feel at peace when they spend time outdoors.

Suppose you already have a patio; it should be where you spend time when you long for the outdoors. However, if it’s cluttered with junk, too much furniture, and everything you had to get out of the house, it might be the opposite of your relaxing spot.

A dedicated outdoor space where you can relieve stress feels like a dream when you have a look at your patio, which is basically swallowed by clutter. Don’t overwhelm yourself; even if it looks like a total mess right now, and it’s far from where you’d spend time when you want to loosen up, you can transform it into a spot that encourages blissful moments.

photo of gazebo with curtain and string lights


Start with a deep cleaning

You need a blank canvas so you can create a welcoming space where you can unwind when you arrive home. Therefore, before rethinking the patio’s design, clear out the clutter, get rid of everything you no longer use or need, prune the hedges and trees surrounding it, and check each flower pot for rot and dry plants. A patio where everything is thrown around, infested by dead plants, and with broken furniture looks chaotic and will cause you more stress than relieve it.

Remove everything, if possible, assess the space, and identify the elements needed to make it a spot you’d always escape to when you need a refuge from the world. The patio has more potential to become a relaxing place if it provides great views, sun exposure, fresh air, and a balanced amount of shade.

Establish the patio’s main functionality

Patios and all other outdoor or semi-outdoor spaces are highly versatile, but it’s best to decide the main functionality for yours to ease the designing process. Depending on its size, you have endless options you can choose from, so you should decide what you’re looking for in a relaxing space.

Before making any adjustments, measure the area so you can figure out what furniture elements and decorations fit it.

How do you picture yourself when you think about spending time on the patio? Do you want to use it in the morning for practising your yoga routine? Do you need a place to read? Do you want to bathe in the sun while you drink a cup of coffee? Whatever your answer is, it’ll dictate the main functionality of the patio.

Infuse it with your personal style

For the space to feel like a relaxing spot, it must cater to your personal preferences. After deciding what its main role is, you must define what your personal style is in terms of home design. You can choose the same decorating style you used for the indoor space, or you can pick a contrasting one. Considering that the environments are shifting, you can play with the patio’s décor and choose whatever style you find harmonising. However, if the inside and outside are connected through large windows or sliding doors, it would be better to pick a theme that unites both spaces.

While you can choose a distinctive colour palette, it makes the overall property look more cohesive if you use similar materials, complementing patterns, and decorations in the same design style you pick for the inside.

Install comfortable seating

Seating is essential when creating a relaxing outdoor space. Whatever the patio’s functionality is, you need seating, and therefore, you should pay careful attention and invest some resources in picking high-quality furnishing. Patio seating featuring an outdoor fabric is the best solution when picking furniture for this exterior area because it stands the test of time and resists weather elements. Seating solutions for outdoor spaces like a patio come in different forms, from chaise lounges to couches; they’re all great for serving this purpose.

A flexible solution is a sectional because you can move the elements according to your needs. Suppose you also have a small table or centrepiece; you can arrange the sectional elements to attract attention to the focal point.

If you have a view, take advantage of it

Are you a lucky owner of a house with a great view? Then, it would help if you focused your efforts on creating an outdoor relaxing area that allows you to enjoy the scenery when you step outside the house. When designing a patio with a view, you need to consider a couple of things:

– Use the furniture and landscaping elements to frame the view

– The patio’s design should blend with the outdoor space and not compete with it.

– Make sure your outdoor furniture doesn’t block your view

– Arrange the furniture to offer direct access to the view

– Remove the hedges and plants that could block your view

Use natural materials

Your patio’s role is to facilitate your connection with nature, so keep this idea in mind when you design the area. It’s best to avoid man-made or synthetic materials and stick with everything natural. From wooden flooring to natural fabrics like cotton and terracotta flower pots, they’re all great for the patio. The trick is that natural materials have a raw beauty that makes the space look effortlessly beautiful and inviting. Welcome to your patio with all the elements you find in an average garden (flowers, hedges, trees, etc.).

If you picked sustainable materials and fabrics for the interiors, don’t overlook them in the patio design. Eco-friendly materials cause less damage to the planet and offer you a calming and comforting sense. Pick the materials and fabrics that look as good as they feel, and ensure they’re organic and sustainable. You bring them to an area that should establish a connection with nature, so they’re supposed to cause as little harm as possible to nature.

Remember, building a relaxing spot takes time, so don’t rush the process.