DIY turmeric mask gone wrong

You can find literally thousands of different facial mask mixes online. Most of them contain a mixture of ingredients that offer a wide range of benefits for our skin. However, some of these ingredients should be eaten rather than slathered on our faces.

For instance, turmeric, a spice that’s chock-full of antioxidants and has skin-benefiting properties, will leave an orange hue on your face. Of course, it’s not permanent, but it does stay long enough to make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. So, if you want to give a DIY mask, make sure the recipe doesn’t call for turmeric, unless you like looking like a carrot.

A lesson in balancing your load

Loading your truck’s bed with stuff is a lot more difficult than it looks. First, you have to make sure there’s enough room for your things. Next, everything needs to be perfectly balanced to prevent your car from swaying too much when turning. Also, to stop your load from falling off the bed, you need hundreds and hundreds of feet of rope.

Although this is pretty basic stuff, the driver of this truck was completely clueless. Why would they attempt to balance intact logs on top of wooden pallets? As the weight of the logs crushes the pallets underneath, the more slack there is in the rope. Hopefully, these guys didn’t create a Final Destination kind of disaster while driving down the road.

NGL, it looks pretty good

Making food that looks like something else is one of the latest trends. However, making things that look like edible food should be banned. Anyone who’s ever bitten into a wax apple knows exactly what we’re talking about. This lady who took a huge bite out of a cookie-shaped bar of soap probably learned a very important lesson that day.

To be fair, this bar of soap does look pretty good. In fact, it looks too good… but what amazes us is the size of the chunk she bit off of the “cookie.” How did she not realize that this soap bar wasn’t food while sinking her teeth into it?

Why women live longer than men

One question that has plagued mankind for countless generations is why do women live longer than men? You might argue that men work more hazardous occupations and are exposed to greater threats. Or, and we’re just taking a wild guess here, it’s because men do crazy things like this at the workplace.

Have you heard of the 4-to-1 rule for ladders? For every four feet you want to climb, the ladder should sit one foot away. So, if you’re climbing on top of an eight-foot roof, set the ladder two feet away for safety. Do not do what this guy did and wing it.

Sorry, honey

We all make mistakes. That’s what makes us human. However, some mistakes are so crazy that you have to wonder how the person who made it didn’t know any better. For instance, did you know that plastic melts if it comes in contact with a super-hot surface?

We’re not the best chefs in the world, but we do know that your cutting board should stay away from your stove. This is especially true if you turn the stove on. To no one’s surprise except for this husband, the spiral heating element burned right through the cutting board, possibly making it impossible to remove. He did offer a sincere apology, which is nice.


This picture would be a million times funnier if the fellow wasn’t in imminent danger. One wrong step and he could go fall three stories down, which we’re sure wouldn’t be good for the pavement. If you’re curious as to what he was doing out there, he was cleaning the outside of this building’s windows until the windows shut and locked on him.

He’s not a professional window cleaner, which is why you don’t see any reliable pieces of safety equipment. This really should have been a deterrent for him to step out onto the ledge, but sometimes, the will to clean trumps everything else.

True dedication

There’s actually a lot of work that goes on before a concert. Those stands where the musician performs aren’t always there, so a large crew has to set it up several days or weeks before the event. It can take some time to set the stage up, so every second counts. This means the crew has to forego safety procedures to meet the deadline.

And as you can see in this picture, safety is a word that has no place in these men’s vocabulary. Nobody stopped to think that the guy who’s several feet off the ground could come crashing down at any moment. However, he seems to be the most perfectly balanced person in the world. Keep doing you, stage setter-upper guy.

Smart thinking, lady

We get that people hate waiting in line, but if a register isn’t manned by a cashier, there’s nothing you can do. Well, that’s what we thought at first until we saw this Karen’s ingenious method of getting service right away. Ropes be darned, she’s in a hurry and needs to head back and make a misinformed post on social media about this “traumatizing” experience.

We can’t imagine what was going through this poor cashier’s mind when he was confronted by a Karen in the wild. You usually only see them freaking out on internet videos, but to actually stand face-to-face with one can be pretty intimidating. We expect to see a freakout video go viral pretty soon.

Why women live longer than men, the sequel

If you thought lifting a man on a forklift was bad enough, you gotta take a look at the picture below. As you can see, we have a forklift at the bottom that’s carrying a heavy object, as all forklifts do. But wait a second, is that another forklift?

Yes, it was. We can’t even begin to imagine what would force someone to act so irrationally. Thank goodness the first forklift didn’t topple over and send the second forklift and two operators down onto the hard ground. But, hey, at least they got the job done, right? And it appears that their supervisors, who are standing at the very top, didn’t have an issue with this solution.

Right place, wrong time

Today, it’s nearly impossible to get the wrong address, assuming you have a smartphone and an internet connection. Even if you don’t, you can download the route to your destination using an office modem before heading out. But these two brick deliverymen decided to do it the old-fashioned way and get lost.

Not only did they arrive at the wrong address, but they also unloaded all 6,000 of their bricks before realizing their mistake. It’s weird that they didn’t verify with anyone whether they were at the right place and that the homeowner of the wrong address didn’t tell them they didn’t order 6,000 bricks.

Safety? What’s that?

All SUV owners will know that there’s really no safe way to transport a ladder. Your best option is to get a folding ladder that fits in the spacious trunk, but that requires a completely new investment that nobody has the time or money for. The best option would be the have the ladder delivered to you, but this guy had a different idea.

Instead of worrying about traffic laws and his personal safety, he did what you can see in this picture. Thankfully, nothing bad happened to him while driving, and the police didn’t even pull him over. Still, he should thank his lucky stars that he didn’t need to slam on the brakes while zooming down the highway.


We all have that one friend who’s absolutely clueless about everything. The “Chumlee” of your circle of friends, if you will. Their blissful ignorance can be a never-ending source of entertainment and frustration for everyone. To see what we mean, take a look at this text exchange between two guys.

Sure, neither of them is the sharpest tool in the shed, but the second guy is absolutely off his rocker. “Where was it?” he asked, while the first guy indirectly told him it was in his hand the whole time. Oh, honey… we’d say learn to read between the lines, but he’d probably ask where the lines are.

That sign can’t stop me cause I can’t read

We have several questions for this gentleman. First, why in the heck are you in a dunk tank? It doesn’t look like you’re in a fair. Do people just have dunk tanks in their backyard? Next, are you not aware that your tank is standing right next to a DANGER sign? Somebody get this man his reading glasses!

We’re not going to tell you what the dangers of high voltage are since even low voltage seems scary enough. But we do know that electrical cables that look that disorderly aren’t something to mess with. We really hope the “players” didn’t hit the big red button for this man’s sake.

Heard you needed AAA

Being a member of the AAA has got to be one of the most convenient things ever. If you ever lock yourself out of your car, you can rely on AAA to get you out of a sticky situation. But their services also extend to getting their own servicemen out of trouble, which is a rare but hilarious occurrence.

While getting ready to head out, this man discovered that he locked himself out of his car. Thankfully for him, Triple-A was ready to help him out. And thankfully for that Triple-A guy, another Triple-A guy was ready to help him out since he had done the very thing he swore to prevent.


After looking at this truck, what do you think of Penske? We’ve seen some people judge the company harshly for this truck, but what they’re forgetting is that it’s still moving. After losi

ng the entire top of the trailer, the truck is still zooming down the highway at a safe speed.

Did you know that those max-height traffic signs actually mean something? If it’s too short, you’re going to end up scraping the top of your car while passing under a bridge. We’re just glad that the driver had the decency to use bungee cords to keep the sides of the trailer from falling apart.

It was on the internet, so it must be true

You can’t always trust what you see or read, especially if it’s online. You see, the internet is packed with fake news, misinformed “journalists,” and trolls that want to see you go astray. Many of their pranks can be harmless, but some people just want to see your microwave burn.

Most people know that putting metal in a microwave will not lead to any good, but this guy isn’t most people. He learned a very important lesson that day, namely, stay off Facebook. You never know when following some random person’s instruction can lead to you burning your entire kitchen down.


Atlanta, a city filled with art, culture, and trap music. Do you want to hear one mind-blowing fact about Atlanta? It’s a palindrome. If you spell it backwards, it still reads as Atlanta, at least according to one borderline illiterate Twitter user.

The fact of the matter is that Atlanta is not a palindromic word. This Twitter user should have realized their mistake before publishing this embarrassing yet hilarious post. In fact, you can check the spelling of the word to see that it doesn’t read the same backward and forward. The commenter pretty much summed up the collective facepalm of internet users everywhere.

The professional daredevil

There’s brave and then there’s foolish. Then there’s a combination of two, which we call daredevils. But some people shouldn’t be so willing to take risks, especially when there’s not a crowd below you to cheer you on.

But this guy right here, he’s putting his life on the line for what appears to be basic building maintenance tasks. If you do this, there are two likely consequences. First, you get a raise for going beyond your line of duty. Second, you’re out of a job for needlessly putting the company at risk of litigation. And to go up there without a ladder spotter, that takes some cojones.

Here’s a little lesson in history

Guys, did you know that America invented electricity? We also invented the internet, Chinese food, and democracy. USA! USA! And anyone who says any different obviously hasn’t done their research. Where do we get our source of information, you ask? Where everyone else does: on Twitter.

It’s okay to be wrong since it’ll help you learn. But if you’re not willing to at least check on Google whether your facts are as straight as you think they are, then we’ve got a problem. Also, Nikola Tesla is a fake person who was created by lizardmen to trick the masses into thinking that the Earth is round. Read a book sometime.

Seconds from disaster

Even though superstitions are, well, extreme beliefs of supernatural intervention in our daily lives, they’re not something you should discredit entirely. For instance, what good can come out of walking under a ladder? In fact, ladders are deathtraps and should be avoided at all costs.

But this guy wasn’t going to let a little thing like superstition stop him from achieving his goal, whatever that was. Also, it’s incredibly weird that someone would take a picture of him standing on top of a ladder instead of keeping it steady for him. Whether you realize it or not, he’s putting his life at risk, or, at the very least, he’s putting the ceiling tiles at risk of destruction.

Word hard, not smart

Some people will go to extraordinary lengths to make their car look good. However, these people don’t realize that there’s actually a much easier way to do things. For instance, if you want to paint your rims, you don’t need to cover your car’s body in a protective sheet.

You can make life a lot easier by keeping your car on stands, detaching the wheels, then removing the tires from the rims. But where’s the challenge in that, you ask? Why work smart when you can make your work infinitely harder? You got us there…

Who wanted their fries burned to a crisp?

Can anyone tell us what this guy was trying to bake? It looks like fries (why would you bake fries?!) and meatballs, but we have no idea what those half-burger things are. We probably would if this “chef” didn’t burn his food to a crisp.

There’s literally no moisture anywhere on the baking sheet. The home cook probably put everything in the oven, turned the oven to 1 million degrees, and took a wine-induced nap on the couch. If only ovens came with an auto-kill switch to stop all baking after the 24th hour. Who ordered the fries covered in soot?

Is my kid my kid?

Due to all sorts of budgetary complications, sex and health education has been wiped off of the middle-school curriculum in many states. So, we can see why some people might not have the slightest idea about the most basic knowledge of the reproductive systems. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use common sense to come to the simplest conclusions.

This lady was stressing about whether the baby she just gave birth to was her own. She was afraid that her man was cheating on her with another woman since the baby looked like him. This has to be a troll post since nobody could be that clueless.

Need money? Too bad

Banks make money all sorts of ways from their customers. For example, some banks implement withdrawal fees, so every time you take money out of the ATM, you need to pay a charge to get your own money out of the bank. It’s weird, we know, but you’d think these banks would want to make it as easy as possible.

Whoever came up with this ATM design is definitely looking out for the bank’s customers. If you can’t withdraw your money, you don’t have to pay a fee, and you have more money in the bank. Thank you, ATM designer guy, for looking out for the little guy!

Tech support

One clear indication that your laptop needs a good cleaning is that it overheats. As time goes on, all sorts of gunk can find its way into your laptop through the fan port. But you can fix this problem yourself by carefully opening the laptop case and removing any dirt you find in there. It’s a simple fix that requires a screwdriver and nothing else.

Or you can do what this “tech support” guy did and drill holes into the laptop. This random solution should help improve airflow by forcing hot air downward and away from the motherboard. Or it might end up doing nothing since there’s no downward-facing fan in there to begin with.

Which came first, the walkway or the support beam?

It takes a lot of schooling and a keen eye to become an architect. You can’t just put beams in random places, wipe your hands off, and call it a day. There’s a lot of planning that goes into designing buildings to make them not only sturdy but also eye-pleasing.

But if you got your degree from Greendale Community College, we wouldn’t expect much from you. The designer of this building obviously had no idea what they were doing, seeing as how they placed the V-shaped support beams in the middle of a walkway. Or did they run the walkway straight into the support beam? Either way, they did a horrible job.

Parking at the speed of light

Finding a parking spot near Virginia Beach can be a pain. Anyone who’s headed east for vacation definitely knows how jam-packed the parking lot can get during the summertime. And when you do find a place to park your car, you should expect to pay a steep fine.

Though it’s parking tickets are completely unavoidable in Virginia Beach, it doesn’t make it any less frustrating. This guy went onTwitter to vent, after which he received a “nice” reply from a buddy of his. The buddy then went on to confuse everyone by asking how fast he was going. To get a parking ticket. He wasn’t speeding…

If only he stopped to think for just a second

Rain is one of the most horrific things ever. Water droplets fall from thousands of feet high in the sky and get us all wet. There’s absolutely nothing we can do to avoid rain. If only someone had created a contraption that blocks water droplets from hitting our heads, then society would be a lot better than it is now.

Oh, wait, there is such an invention. They’re called umbrellas, which this man is using incorrectly. To be fair, it looks like his other hand is too busy to help open this umbrella up. That red jacket isn’t going to stay in place on its own.

She is the vehicle

Dealing with auto insurance companies is a nightmare. They’ll ask all sorts of questions to try to get you to prove that the mistake was your fault, forcing you to pay a higher premium later on. One of the first things you need to present to the insurance company is what your car looks like after the accident.

Thankfully, you can do this through your smartphone instead of having to print pictures and take them to the office. However, just remember that the insurance company only really cares about the car, so if they ask for pictures, don’t send them selfies.

Poo judgment

Let’s face it – ladders are pretty dangerous. And yet, they do come in handy from time to time. If you need to reach something that’s set on a tall shelf, or maybe you need to paint the walls or change a lightbulb, you just grab your trusty step-ladder. What you shouldn’t do is use any random object in the area, such as delicate bottles.

However, amazingly, these wine bottles seem to do the trick. Judging by this picture, this guy hasn’t crushed them and cost the store hundreds of dollars in unsellable goods. But if this guy falls, he has no one else to blame but his poor judgment. We’d love to hear the story of why he decided to step on top of the wine bottles in the first place, but some things are better left unsaid.

VIP parking

Have you heard of the shopping cart theory? You can supposedly tell whether a person is good or not by whether they return their shopping carts. There’s no law that forces a person to return their shopping cart, so those that do return them do it out of the kindness of their heart.

However, even if you were a kindhearted person, there’d be no way to return your shopping cart if you came across this scene. Some lady felt that the best place to park her car was where the shopping carts go. For some odd reason, they didn’t think twice about having to climb in and out of their car through the window.

Did anyone say Masterchef?

Not everybody possesses the God-given talent to bake pastries. Heck, some people can’t even boil water without their kitchen smoke detector going off. But to be frank, we have no idea how this aspiring pastry chef’s cookie turned out so bad.

Sure, dough loses moisture as it bakes, and whatever leavening agents are in there will cause it to warp in shape. Though our heart breaks for her, we can’t help but laugh at how she looks so excited in the first pic and had her world come crashing down on her in the second. Better luck next time!

Why, indeed…

Any sane person would know that a bathroom isn’t the place for a drinking fountain. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. You can drink water from the tap in many countries, but a drinking fountain inside of a bathroom is just unheard-of.

For some reason, this woman turned off the lightbulb in her brain when she set out for an adventure to Europe. After going to the bathroom, she began drinking out of the bidet, which you use to wash your private parts after going number one or number two. Even though that water is technically drinkable, doing so out of a bidet is insane.

The flying tent

“Yeah, I know how to pitch a tent.” Those were the words that this man uttered angrily at his wife before attempting to set their tent up. But as you can see, he, in fact, did not know how to pitch a tent. Though he does know how to make a kite, which is nice.

Without tent poles, your tent stands no match for the slightest gusts of wind. And without common sense, you wouldn’t know that your tent needs poles to stay planted on the ground. Well, there goes your relaxing vacation. There’s nothing anyone can do except stare and shake their heads.

It’s the thought that counts

Aw, isn’t that sweet? While at the beach, this boyfriend decided to take home a bunch of seashells for his girlfriend. Let this be a lesson to all the men out there who don’t have an ounce of romance in them. The tiniest gestures will leave an impression.

But wait, are our eyes deceiving us? Are those pistachio shells inside of this mason jar? Did the thoughtful boyfriend mistake these shells for seashells, or did he present her a gift containing garbage? Let this be another lesson to you men out there: she won’t tell you that she hates your gift.

You ruined the garlic bread!

There are very few smells that are better than freshly-baked garlic bread. Even the store-bought stuff with artificial butter and garlic powder can smell like heaven to a drunk college student. But one aroma that’ll mask your efforts at making the best garlic bread in the world is burning plastic.

We don’t know whether the person who tried to bake this garlic bread was drunk out of their mind or tired, but perhaps they should stay away from the kitchen from now on. Putting an entire cutting board inside of the oven is just nuts. They would’ve been better off just putting the loaf in the oven as it is.


If you take a look at the box, there’s no warning that tells you not to sit on it. However, seeing as how it contains a mirror, most people would assume that planting your bottom on the box in the first place would be a bad idea. This lady, however, didn’t have time to read or assume.

For all we know, she might’ve had a long, tiring day of mirror shopping at Target and needed to rest somewhere. She probably could’ve found another place to sit, but nobody has the time to walk the tens of feet to find it.

It’s is now or never

Most tattooists will tell their clients to think twice about whether they want to get inked or not. If you do, make sure that you know what you’re getting. Run the text through spellcheck just to make sure that your permanent tattoo isn’t misspelled. If it is and you give the greenlight to a tattoo artist, they’ll do what you want without asking questions.

We never really considered Bon Jovi’s music to be inspirational, but to each their own. After all, it’s your life. It’s is now or never. You ain’t going to live forever. They have lasers for these kinds of mistakes now.

What did we learn?

Having your kids bring you breakfast in bed is one of the most endearing things ever. Sure, their food might not be as good as you want, but it’s really the thought that counts. But what counts more is that your child doesn’t ruin your Tupperware while attempting to make bake frozen waffles.

The son who created this kitchen nightmare had sweet intentions, but some things are better left for mom and dad. At most, your child should take the waffles out of the freezer to defrost. After you wake up, you can make your own breakfast and bring it to bed.

Plastic protective equipment

Can you hear that in the distance? Just by looking at this picture, we can practically hear the blaring of an ambulance siren. When it comes to safety, there’s no reason why you should cut corners. Well, cutting corners is one thing, but disregarding everything entirely is another.

We don’t know why he felt plastic would protect him from hot shards of metal, but he made it out okay. We’re just glad that he didn’t decide to tie a knot around the neck to keep the bag from flying off his head. If you’re going to use an angle grinder, make sure you have protective goggles.

No Christmas cheer, no gifts

Nothing’s more exciting to a child than to see a batch of presents sitting under the Christmas tree. And if you’ve been a particularly good boy or girl, Santa might have come to give you the exact present you were hoping for. However, if you’re on the naughty list, Santa will come crashing through your ceiling like the Kool-Aid Man to scare you.

Or Santa will pop his head out of the ceiling if you don’t keep his locked up tight in your attic. The good thing for this lady is that she was already in the middle of renovating her home. Although replacing a ceiling tile would be a nuisance, at least she was in the home-repair state of mind. Silver lining, y’all.

How to incriminate yourself

What’s the first thing you should do when caught committing a crime? That’s right, deny everything. “Were you at the scene?” Nope. “Why do the fingerprints at the scene match yours?” Someone took them. “Were you texting while driving?” Absolutely not!

Or you can do the moral thing and incriminate yourself through text messages. After running into a police car, the officers found this text exchange between the driver and a friend where they admitted to texting while driving. Not a smart thing to do. We mean texting and driving, not incriminating yourself, though both of these things are equally foolish.

Why this man is not allowed within 500 feet of a playground

As adults, we’re neglected many of the basic forms of entertainment we had as kids. For instance, we’re not allowed to play on the swings anymore. Well, if you weigh less than 100 pounds, you can probably try going for it, but we wouldn’t recommend it.

For this man, nothing was going to stop him from having a good time on the swings. We’d like to say that he broke the swings by doing a 360° over the bar, but something tells us that the wood cracked as soon as he sat down. That there is the look of defeat and embarrassment.

Can’t have too much pepper

If you’re cooking eggs, only use enough fat to keep them from sticking to the pan. If you’re making sunny side up, you don’t need to flip them. Just cover the pan and let the heat cook the top. Before serving, make sure you season the eggs. Some salt and an entire bag of black pepper should be enough.

We can feel the heartache from here. It’s pretty easy to over-season your eggs, but this person accidentally took their seasoning game to epic proportions. They can probably start over again, but they won’t have enough pepper for the next batch. Sad times, people.

Egg-stra bad luck

While we’re on the subject of eggs, we should also warn you that they’re incredibly delicate objects. If you drop an egg from just two inches from your kitchen countertop, you’ll be left with a sticky, smelly, slippery mess. But if you drop 1,000 egg crates on your warehouse floor, you’re going to have a really, really bad time.

People can have bad luck, but this guy had enough bad luck in one day for the entire year. It’s heartbreaking to imagine how many homes will go eggless after this fiasco. Even though eggs are pretty cheap, we wonder how long he had to work to pay for this mistake.

Man, am I bad at math

Usually, parents are incredibly careful when it comes to handling their children. They wouldn’t put themselves at unnecessary risk just for the laughs, but this dad isn’t like most fathers out there. In an attempt to get his daughter to squeal with glee, he had her hop onto his shoulders before going full Tarzan mode.

Despite running the numbers through his mind, he forgot one simple thing: gravity. It turns out if you fall, you fall downward, and that’s exactly where his daughter went. Thankfully, she landed on a bunch of cushions, but had they been in the middle of the jungle, things could’ve ended up much worse!

Don’t mess with grandma

To all of the pelicans out there, what’s up? Why do you guys insist on biting people who’re peacefully passing by the pier? Do you guys hate us ‘cause you ain’t us or have we done something to personally offend you? Whatever the case, stop it. Right now. If you won’t listen to us, maybe you should listen to grandma.

This pelican knew it was in a load of trouble after trying to grab a bite of grandma. She wasn’t going to take it and began scolding this pelican for doing pelicany things. Next time, you should pick on someone your own size, like a penguin or something.

Immeasurable disappointment

I scream, you scream, we all scream when our ice cream falls off of its cone and lands on the ground. McDonald’s used to sell tall ice cream cones like this but dealt with spilled cones all the time. We used to hate McD’s for that, but now, we fully understand why: the customers become depressed.

We feel sorry for this person, but deep down, we can’t help but laugh at their misfortune. One minute, you’re on top of the world with your foot-long ice cream cone, and the next minute, you’re back on Earth with the rest of us ice cream-less schmoes.

Classic sitcom dad

Ah, the classic trope of dad not knowing how to do laundry. “How much detergent do I put in? The entire bag?” Cue laugh track. These kinds of things don’t happen in real life, and we’re tired of seeing it on TV. Let it die, producers, and nail the coffin shut tight.

Wait, this isn’t a still-frame image from a 1990’s sitcom? Someone’s father actually put in too much soap in the washing machine? We can’t even begin to imagine how much detergent you need to use to have the suds flowing outside of your home. Next time, stick to doing classic dad things like telling groan-inducing jokes and yelling at your kid to keep the flashlight up