It’s stated that artists put a little bit of themselves into their artwork. Arno Rafael Minkkinen does that actually. His pictures at all times function part of him interacting with the environment. And it’s not actually plucking flowers or throwing dust; Minkkinen makes use of his hand to observe the curvature of the mountains, or pretends to be holding a bunch of hay (it’s truly a tree and it’s reflection in water).

Arno Rafael Minkkinen is a Finnish photographer working within the USA. “Lots of my images are troublesome to make,” he writes on his web site. 

Some can even be dangerous. I do not want to have someone else coming in harm’s way taking the risks I need to take: to lean out off a cliff or stay underwater for the sake of my picture. We control how much pain we can tolerate; such information is unknowable by anyone else.

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