Follow these Pinterest marketing strategies to deliver a gold rush of traffic and fresh leads from the Pinterest social media platform. Like its social media cohorts Pinterest drives the majority of its traffic to your web sites, ecommerce stores and apps through visual stimulation and high audience engagement.

The truth of gaining traffic from Pinterest is 90% visual engagement. Take the offline world and ask yourself what makes you vividly remember a product or image. Or what factors make you stay for longer on a particular page in a magazine or advert. The answer is visual engagement and good sticky copy that jumps right out at you from the page.

The Ultimate Pinterest Cheat Sheet

Following Pinterest marketing strategies can produce an avalanche of targeted traffic.

On Pinterest images carry astonishing power, they carry the power to make users like, share and click in droves Or not as the case might be. Engaging text and images can be used to dramatic effect when combined with rich pins. These impact images deliver shockingly high volumes of traffic. All it takes is a little time, thought, creativity and business focus.

Pinterest Marketing Strategies

The other 5% of the Pinterest marketing strategies are about technique. Meaning pay attention to details such as image pin sizes and writing good clicky copy. Posting semi regularly both your own images and share those of others with thoughtful precision. This strategy can really maximize traffic from Pinterest.

On Pinterest size matters, to that end we have a great infographic to share that explains the common Pinterest image size formats in our Pinterest image size cheat sheet.

Pinterest Cheat Sheet to Image Sizes

Pinterest Cheat Sheet - Pinterest Marketing Strategies

The Common Pinterest Image Sizes:

  • Profile images: 165 x 165 pixels.
  • Cover image: 217 x 146 pixels.
  • Pins in image feeds: 238 pixels x adjusted to height.
  • Expanded pin size: 735 pixels x adjusted to height.
  • Account profile images: 165 x 165 pixels.
  • Tiny thumbnails: 51 x 51 pixels.
  • Pin boards complete image sizes: 238 x 284 pixels.

As you create pins on Pinterest, it’s important to be strategic. Look at what is there already and try and be different. Reposting images that are already persistant on many other boards is not providing anything new. Rehashing exsisting content brings nothing to the Pinterest dinner table.

Inspirational Quote Pins

Inspirational quote pins drive tons of traffic for article authors but they aren’t the most effective pins floating around on the various boards. Quote style pins can provide great inspiration for other ideas however; for example ecommerce designs. If you sell T-Shirts, mugs or anything like that then Pinterest boards are a goldmine of inspirational memes and quotes in every concievable niche.

Long Vertical Pinterest Pins of a ‘How to Variety’

You may not be aware of this, but the most clicked on image sizes on Pinterest are the long, thin vertical pins. They are most often how to style instructions on how to make or achieve something, like infographics for instance. These are the pin styles that work best on Pinterest, why is this you ask? Easy, the answer is rapid engagement. People pin them all the time and audiences click as they want to read more.

The Secret Pinterest Formula to an Avalanche of Clicks

These info pins drive huge traffic because they require you to click on them to see them full size, particularly the smaller texts (so you can actually read the instructions or detail).

However the other ingredient is something called Rich Pins. These style of pins are the holy grail of Pinterest traffic. The Pinterest high traffic formula is simple and devastatingly powerful.


Rich pins work well for articles, ecommerce, books, travel and a variety of other uses. Find out more about rich pins on the Pinterest business page. Match rich pins with creative engagement, great copy and CTA and you are on the way to a massive traffic surge.

Wash rinse and repeat this Pinterest marketing strategy but be sensible, think about your audience and structure engaging pins in a way that they properly appreciate. Your audience will reward you with traffic and valuable actions on your website. Some of the uses of this Pinterest traffic formula include :

  • Fast email list building
  • Increasing Ecommerce sales
  • Additional incremental ad revenue

On the latter point if you run ads on your web pages then optimize the mix between CPC and CPM yeild. There is more to monetizing with ads than just Adsense you know!

Diversify Your Pin Design Strategy

As you create new engaging pins for your site, think about how you can diversify your rich pins. Use tried and tested Pinterest marketing strategies. Find out which pin images drive the most traffic. Tip, for a quick way to test engagement place the image on a Facebook page and let your audience tell you.

The volume of social media engagement on Facebook such as likes, shares and comments should offer a good idea. If it looks good after some testing then now you can write the corresponding article and pin the image on Pinterest ( rather than vice versa ). Time is money after all. Alternatively get a VA to do these kind of tasks.

Final Thought

If you can adapt your existing pins, try out the longer, vertical style as part of your Pinterest marketing strategies. When you post fresh pins to your boards, make sure that you remember to link back to your website using rich pins. Install Google Analytics and using this you can monitor the volume of traffic hitting your site from Pinterest on a highly granular and useful level.

Once you get this technique working well then be prepared to scale up and research interest trends to find high interest, engaging topics to pin and write about.