It doesn’t matter if you are a photographer, a musician, or a graphic engineer, you are an artist. What you do is create beautiful artwork. You might be creating it for different reasons, but you are creating beautiful art that the world can enjoy and take advantage of. That being said, every artist can always be better. Even if you think you are at the top of your game, there are likely some very simple and practical tips that you can apply to make yourself better.

Be Productive Every Week

Have you ever heard the saying that practice makes perfect? You’ve likely heard this over and over, but you’ve never actually taken it to heart. And, this could be exactly why your work isn’t at the top of its game. Practice truly does make perfect. Regardless of how busy you are, you should force yourself to do something productive every week. Now, this does not mean that you have to write an entire song or paint an entire picture. For some individuals, this would be nearly impossible. No, instead just focus on creating something and doing something productive. Like, set a goal of writing one to two riffs. Maybe set a goal of getting the outline of your drawing produced. Whatever the situation is, this will give you the practice that you need to enhance your skills. If you need inspiration, check out Jackson Fine Art, to see what other artists have accomplished.

Not only will you get in the practice that you need to improve your skills, but you’ll get used to working in a more laid back environment. When you feel like you aren’t being rushed, you’ll take your work more literally instead of seriously.

Recreate Works

A lot of artists don’t like to recreate the same pieces. This is understandable because it is always good to bring something new to the table or try new skills. But, can you say that your skills from your previous works are already so good that they don’t need improving upon? Of course, you can’t say this because just like mentioned above, there are always improvements that can be made in every area. The trick is to look for new ways to render the same work. For instance, when you set out to replicate a photograph, look at new details that you likely missed or things you didn’t see previously. Look at the lighting, the glare, the depth of the field, the subtle reflection, and all the things that make the piece essential.

As for a musician or other artists, things might need to be approached a little differently, but if you apply the same basic theories, you’ll just be able to achieve the same enhanced end results.

Always Take Time For Yourself

It is important to get things done and practice every time you get a chance, but there is such a thing as overdoing it. When your work becomes more like a job than a hobby, you’ll likely lose interest. You’ll also likely lose your creative outlets. This is why it is imperative to make sure that you are taking time to enjoy the things that you enjoy. Take the time to step away from your work for a few hours, minutes, or days if needed. Whatever the situation is, this will allow you to reproach your work with clearer eyes.

Get Honest Critiques

Are you one of those individuals that are only looking for compliments? Don’t like it when someone tells you that you need improvements? Unfortunately, this is the path that a lot of today’s artists are headed down and it certainly isn’t doing their work any favors. This is especially true with the online art community. People no longer want to look for critiques, they only want compliments. People are too interested in putting their fragile emotions before their long-term success. Approaching your work in this manner isn’t going to get you anywhere. As an artist, you have to be ready to hear things that you aren’t going to like. If you want to honestly improve your skills as an artist, you are going to have to be willing to listen to honest feedback and not take it as an insult. Encourage people to open up and tell you what they really think.