You’re whole life has been a lie, either that or common sense got simply thrown out of the window. Check out these 10 great everyday products and product mistakes that you’ve been probably using totally wrong all this time!

You will be completely amazed and stunned at how obvious the proper use of these common items actually is when pointed out properly to you.

Some product uses are more obvious of course such as leaving the lens cap on the camera or the binoculars. Other product mistakes are less obvious to catch. We put together some of the very best examples of people using everyday product designs but not quite as intended.

10 Crazy Products Designed to Be Used Differently

10 Crazy Products Designed to Be Used Differently, product mistakes

10 Crazy Products Designed to Be Used Differently

So hit the slide show button below to begin exploring a gallery illustrating each of the ten strange things you may have totally messed up in life without ever realizing that you had it all wrong from day one.

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Wrapping Up : Crazy Product Mistakes

Chances are that you might feel a little silly when the proper use of some of these products is actually pointed out to you. However this is quite ok, if anything when the truth dawns you will probably laugh at yourself for never noticing all these years.

Sometimes in life it can be the most simple of errors that we keep making over and over again. From not replacing batteries to putting the wrong key in the car ignition. With the incorrect usage of product designs there is usually a simple explanation as to the mistake.

Surprisingly it can just take some of us a long time for the penny to drop but most of us can laugh at how we carried on in ignorance making the same old product mistakes for so long. The gallery of product mistakes which you can view above picks up some of the more unique examples of people just getting it all so plain wrong.

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