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DesignBump offers prospective advertisers a range of exciting and versatile promotional opportunities. From traditional banner and display ads to text ads and sponsored content. Campaigns may be targeted towards desktop audiences, mobile or a combination of both.


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You can purchase advertising campaigns directly from this page. It is possible to purchase display ads and sponsored promotions from here. Alternatively if you are looking for a bespoke solution, guest posts or have any other need kindly click here to complete the enquiry form, or email us at info[at]


DesignBump Advertising Solutions

Ad Types Overview


Display ads are an awesome way to give your product, brand or lift a line of additional exposure courtesy of DesignBump

Display ads are available in a variety of sizes.

Standard display ( banner ) ad campaigns can be ordered via our store and campaigns are normally setup and running ( or scheduled ) within 24hrs Monday-Friday.

Sponsored promotions are an incredible way to promote your brand, product or service on DesignBump. Popular formats include:

  • Sponsored Story : A feature that mentions and links to your brand.
  • Sponsored Review : An unbiased review of your service or product.

Sponsored promotions are a high visibility way to promote your brand.

You can order either of these services in our store. After you have placed an order please send your copy and details to info[at] quoting your product receipt.

With our social media and newsletter exposure advertisers may reach out to our audience on social media and to our newsletter readers.

Social media bursts offer great exposure to an engaged audience.

Social media and newsletter campaigns can be easily ordered via our store.

Text adverts on DesignBump are a discrete but powerful way to reach a large audience. There are several text ad formats available on our site.

  • Homepage Text Ad
  • Run of Site Text Ad
  • Text Ad Within Article

Text ads are exciting and discrete, a subtle but powerful way to advertise.

Text ads can be ordered via our store. Please send your copy to info[at] quoting your order reference.

All standard campaign types listed on this page can be ordered via our store at affordable prices.

If you have an idea that you do not see on this page, please reach out.

If you do not see the type of campaign that you are looking for or wish to place a larger order please reach out to discuss a bespoke campaign or solution.

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Purchase standard display ads in a variety of common formats. Available options are:

Available Desktop Sizes

  • Header 728×90 Leaderboard (SiteWide)
  • Sidebar Top : 336×250 (SiteWide)
  • Sidebar Middle :336×250 (SiteWide)
  • Sidebar Middle : 125×125 (SiteWide)
  • Content ATF : 728×90 (SiteWide )
  • Background Takeover : (SiteWide Background Ad)

Bookings can be made via our store.


Enhance your brand with Sponsored Promotions which include:

  • Promoted Content Articles
  • Promoted Reviews ( Please ensure that we have a copy )
  • Promoted Review + Newsletter

Bookings can be made via our store.


Drive mentions of your brand, product or service on social media. DesignBump has an active social media presence on Facebook, Pinterest and on Twitter.

Our Newsletter normally goes out once per week to a highly engaged subscriber list. Our newsletter audience are interested in digital marketing, design, home improvement, Ecommerce, WordPress, graphics and a whole host of other creative topics. Please order your campaign from our store.


Enjoy placement of your brand, product or service in the form of a discrete text ad that links out to a page of your choice, available on:

  • Homepage
  • Existing Articles

For sponsored content please see our separate tab on ‘sponsored promotions.’ For bespoke campaigns ( anything not mentioned on this page ) please reach out.

Bookings for text ads can be made via our store.

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Purchase the Platinum Package, incredible value at just $295

With the platinum package you get all the campaign bells and whistles you will ever need. The package includes a 30 day display campaign, one sponsored listing, inclusion in our newsletter and 3 scheduled social media blasts.