Propeller ads media is a fast growing advertising company that delvers great performance to advertisers and generate high revenue for publishers like I and you. Propeller ads is a CPM (Cost per Impressions) type ads and the good news is its minimum pay-out is $50  for PayPal, $100  for Payoneer and $500 for wired transfer, That’s how easy propeller makes your income get to you without any stress although you have to work hard to earn high revenue.Propeller ads advertising network offers multiple channel advertising solutions for display on desktop, video, mobile and In-App, that is you can monetize everything you want to earn money from, sounds good huh! Another good thing about propeller ads is no matter how niche your content or App is, You can always get the right advertising match for your website, games, 404 pages, software and social.MONETIZE YOUR SITES WITH PROPELLER ADSPropeller ads is a very good alternative for Google Adsense and it has given many people their success stories, also is has increased networks and better revenue potential. They have plethora or format when it comes to ads. Ads such as direct links, banners, sliding banners, pop-under ads and many more formats are available on propeller ads, to the best of my knowledge they have one the best pop-under network globally. WHY SHOULD I GO FOR PROPELLER ADSThere are many ads company apart from Google Adsense that you can use to monetize your site and generate good revenue, but I have put together my reviews below to give the chance of picking a good monetization operative for your website or anything you will like to monetize.·        It is available to all: For those people who have been rejected by Adsense for reasons like payment terms, content terms and other reasons, This gives you the chance to earn extra passive income, also people who work with CPA (Cost Per Action) networks, can also take advantage of this ad network to increase and expand their monetization strategy.                                                                 CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR SITES ON PROPELLER ADS TO EARN MOREMONEY·        It is user friendly: So many ad networks have many restrictions especially when it comes to formatting and placing ads, with propeller ads you are sure to be free from all that and the CPM rates are high. You should know also that the fill rates for international traffic is a 100%. For publishers there is threshold traffic that means even if you have a new website and you are not getting enough traffiv yet you can still apply for ads on propeller ads.Propeller ads system has built in algorithms  which test numerous CPA/PPI/PPC affiliates programs and finds you the most meaningful and useful one for your website, in other words it saves you a lot of time and energyFor advertisers BRANSAFE defense technology to protect the name of your brand. The network has a large international reach of websites that provide you quick reach to your target audience and that means no matter where they are you can still get to your targeted audience ·         Video ads friendly and On-click pop-under ads: I will start with On-click pop-under ads, a full page graphic ads or landing pages appears hidden behind the main browser window which leaves it unnoticed until the main browser window is closed or minimized, so user imitated full page advertisements is implemented anywhere on the page are provided. The user or visitor is automatically directed to the offer. To the video ads part, propeller ads provide in-banner video ads in the form of pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls, and pre-game. This are only 10-30 seconds of video advertisements which run at the start of video contents or flash games, this features do make it a strong and attractive choice for both publishers like me and advertisers and for publishers we earn more from this.PROPELLER ADS PAYMENT METHODSWired transferPayPalPayoneer Web moneyCLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR PROPELLER ADSSUBSCRIBE FOR THIS BLOG FOR MORE POST AND GREAT ARTICLES….THANKS!!!!