Indian weddings are high on entertainment, thanks to aunts, uncles, nephews, grandparents and everyone else, related or unrelated. If you are looking for a high decibel wedding full of gossips, dance, drinks, and laughs, you better have promising wedding invitations. For people who can’t attend your wedding, the wedding invite is the thing that sets the tone of the wedding. As a matter of fact, if your invite is rich-looking, people automatically assume that the wedding would be a lavish one.

If you want to make your wedding invite unique, quirky and fun, here are some ideas for you.

Why print when you can record?

Yeah, the whole idea is for your invite to play like a beautiful film. You can also print a design on the CD and make the best use of audio for the invite. Thus, the CD wedding invitations look pro and unique.

Doodle your way through it

Doodles, cartoons, illustrations and memes are in trend these days. Why not jazz up your wedding invitations to the latest trend and show your love story through doodles? It looks romantic and the guests get a scoop on behind the scenes. As a result, they might even preserve such wedding invitations to inspire other couples.

Read it like a Menu

If you want to fill up the wedding card with a lot of details, get it designed like a restaurant menu card. This way, the details would be brief and uncluttered. Play with colours and designs and pay attention to the detailing.

Add the Bollywood punk

If you are a huge fan of Bollywood and are going for a filmy wedding, why not make your card like a film poster? You can design yours to look like a romantic shot from the movies. You can list the star cast, theme, venue etc, just like a box office release.

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Fuse traditional with creativity

If you want to go for a traditional wedding, incorporate the traditional motifs on your wedding invite as well. Customise the colours and design and use the religious symbols for a spiritual touch. Try adding some twist to it with thoughtful folding patterns and make it look beautiful. Laser cut wedding invites look unique with intricate designs on them.

Further more, when designing your wedding invitations remember that they communicate everything about your big day. Take your time, think it through before you finally go for print. And don’t forget to copy check :).

Image Source: Pexels