Positivity is something that comes naturally to some but not to others. However, even those who are naturally positive thinkers have moments where they need help focusing on the bright side. How do you train your brain to think positively so you can boost your positivity? Check out the list of book recommendations below to add to your reading list if this sounds like a goal you’d like to reach.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living – Dale Carnegie

This book is known for helping you identify and squash those worrying thoughts that are not only keeping you from staying positive, but eliminating your chance at success. Chasing your dreams is much harder when you’re letting yourself be consumed by negative self-talk and anxieties.

“Dale Carnegie hones in on the issues that so many of us face in careers and personal life,” says Oliver Zak, Co-Founder and CEO of Mad Rabbit Tattoo. “By the end of this book, Dale brings you out of that funk and helps you not only look at those situations with a new perspective but laugh about the stress you were causing yourself over something so trivial. Positive thinking and pursuing a worry-free life can do wonders.”

The Undefeated Mind – Alex Lickerman

Alex Lickerman’s book takes some of the concepts we’ve heard over and over and brings new light to the reason these have been pieces of advice for a while. While something may not kill you, it will only make you stronger if you know how to harness the power that you used to overcome adversity. Understanding your own strengths can be a wonderful tool in learning to push away negative thoughts and feelings and overcome situations that will try to bring you down.

“Lickerman really hones in on the fact that we’ve all had unique struggles that have brought us to where we are today, “says Kevin Callahan, Co-Founder & CEO of Flatline Van Co.. “The idea of indestructible happiness comes from his proposal that we all lead difficult lives and we can’t expect life to be easy for us. Instead, we should enjoy the struggle and recognize the things that we’re learning to make ourselves better for the future.”

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – Richard Carlson

We’ve all had situations where we’ve made mountains out of molehills and escalated a problem until it took over our lives even though the issue at hand was minor. Sometimes we can allow ourselves to focus too much on things that, in the grand scheme of life, will not matter. Carlson helps readers identify these small things and learn to let them go.

“There’s a reason this book spent more than one hundred weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list,” says Jeff Goodwin, Sr. Director of Performance Marketing and E-Commerce for Orgain. “The tips and advice within these pages help you start to learn how to navigate life and identify when a problem is really something you need to worry about so you don’t spend your life worrying and stressing about things that are not of great significance.”

Becoming – Michelle Obama

Former first lady Michelle Obama wrote this book as an inspiration to women everywhere, but it’s a great book for anyone who’s looking to improve their mindset and learn to positively focus on their goals. As an individual who has overcome many trials, the stories shared in this book allow the reader to feel connected and inspired by Michelle’s story.

“Michelle really allows us to join her on her life’s journey,” says Breanne Millette, CEO of Bisoulovely. “There are so many people out there who would let things she faced get them down because they couldn’t even dream of the goals she’s obtained. Her witty storytelling weaves her experience into motivational and positive thinking mindsets to help you dream of your own future.”

I Really Needed This Today – Hoda Kotb

Hoda Kotb is probably best known for her role on The Today Show. Her passionate and cheerful personality brought life to the screen and has encouraged so many over the past 14 years on the air. This book was inspired after Hoda began sharing encouraging and positive quotes, thoughts, and messages on her Facebook page. She noticed that a recurring comment was “I needed this today” and thus the book was born.

“This book is a great source of inspiration for those moments during the day where you just need a little boost of positivity,” says Michelle Arnau, CEO of Rowan. “The pages are filled with short inspirations that you can make part of your daily routine to encourage positive thinking even in the midst of a busy or chaotic schedule (when you probably need these reminders the most)”

The Power of Positive Thinking – Norman Peale

Look at your current habits and think about how many of your thoughts are positive in comparison to destructive or negative thoughts. Norman Peale encourages readers to harness the power of positive thinking by exploring the idea that your thoughts are more than just dialogue floating around in your head – but a conversation you’re having with yourself.

“This book is a fantastic example of learning how to train your subconscious mind into thinking and interacting with the world in a positive way,” says Ankur Goyal, Head of Growth for Coterie. “This book has sold over five million copies – and for good reason. The inspirational messages in the pages allow you to shift your negative mindsets towards positivity so you can healthily interact in situations without those heavy emotional reactions that stem from negative or defensive thinking.”

Happiness Becomes You – Tina Turner

Tina Turner, probably best recognized for her music, including “River Deep-Mountain High”, focuses on how happiness can triumph over any struggle you may be facing in her inspirational book. These pages take readers on a journey to discover the power of their own positive thinking and overall happiness and how that can change their lives and those around them.

“As someone who had her struggles publicized and sensationalized to the point of retreating from the industries she loved, I find Tina Turner’s advice and publication of this book both inspirational and encouraging,” says Brad Neathery, CMO for Oak & Eden. “She not only returned stronger from the situations like she faced, but she returned with an air of positivity and happiness that she’s willing to share with others.”

Positive Thinking – Dorina and Renez Sasson

This book focuses on the importance of positivity and mindfulness as you look to improve your life and overall well being. You cannot succeed if you’re consistently filling your mind with thoughts and worries about what is or could be going wrong in the world. Instead, learn to practice good positive thinking strategies that will lead to improved mental wellness.

“This book is a wonderful example of harnessing your own willpower to better yourself and your life,” says Michael Van, CEO of Furnishr. “Learning to quiet your mind and rest is just as important as learning how to solve a problem that you may be facing. While that problem might be what’s causing stress, taking time to relax and think positively can sometimes be what your mind needs to overcome the obstacles you’re facing.


There are a plethora of resources out there for individuals looking for books that will inspire and boost your positivity. This list is just the tip of the iceberg and can help you get started on a journey to positive thinking and renewing your outlook on life.