As somebody that’s in the creative industry – the job I have now didn’t really exist ten years ago. At least, it was extremely different.

In fact, there’s a very blurred distinction between a graphic designer on retainer, content creator, and artist these days. I’ve also found that many agencies and recruiters want somebody who can do it all. For this reason, reinventing myself and my career isn’t a new concept. When you’re in such an ever-changing market, you often have to reinvent yourself.


What do I mean by reinvention?

It sounds a little dramatic, but it’s not as daunting as you might think. From the outside, the idea of reinventing yourself sounds like a risk – once you begin doing it, it can actually open tonnes of doors and opportunities.

Reinvention can be anything from a title change to a complete career change. It’s supposed to help with the “what if?” questions, and take down any of those roadblocks that are holding us back.

When something gets in our way, we have to find a way to get around it – this is a reinvention.

Below, I’ve listed the best ways to embrace reinvention and make the most out of any change.


Embrace fear

If you ever read up on incredible success stories, you’ll notice one thing – they all took a leap. Despite the uncertainty, they went for it.

Many took the leap, because of fear. They feared they were losing their job. They feared they’d be stuck in a job that they hate. They feared they wouldn’t be able to pay the bills.

It’s so typical for us to become engulfed in fear, and let it control us. I say you should embrace fear, and use it as the push of motivation you need to make a change.



Yes, this sounds like an absolute cliché – bear with me.

Dedication isn’t just putting in the hours (although that helps), you need to believe in you, and your reinvention. Perhaps you need to take extra courses, go to networking events, learn a new skill. Whatever it takes.

Again, success stories that you read – these people dedicated their life to their passion. Whether it was drawing, boxing, or marketing.


Ignore everyone

When you want to reinvent yourself, you’re going to be met with tonnes of criticism. Whether it’s from family, friends, or even strangers on the internet.

Ignore them. If you have a good feeling and want to do something – do it. Sure, it might not end up how you planned, but at least you did it.

I’ve found that any criticism that can’t be classed as constructive isn’t worth my time.


Don’t hold on

If there’s something in your life that isn’t exciting you – let it go. Of course, I know it isn’t always that easy, but start to make steps towards it.

Many people let go of things that are toxic in their life – without realising that work could be one of them.

Letting go and reinventing yourself at work could do wonders for your mental health and happiness.

If you feel that you need additional support for your mental health, reach out to BetterHelp’s licensed professionals today.

Something that you might not realise – everyone reading this has reinvented themselves. At least once.

The person that you was a year ago? You’re more than likely wholly different now. I believe we should adopt this mantra with work, too.

Always making movements and shifting is good for us. It keeps us passionate.


So, begin that blog. Start that e-commerce site. Promote your service.