No matter what time of year it is, winter, summer or spring, you may find yourself working each day in an office that is cramped, dark and de-motivating. You may sit each day at a desk that faces a brick wall, looking at your laptop screen thinking how dull office life is. Many offices and home study rooms have harsh lighting, unimaginative decor and a lack of fresh air.

Until we make the change it can be hard to appreciate how a lighter, more airy garden office can improve the work flow and sense of well being.

Well now you don’t have to stay entombed in the house. Well you do have to work, but you don’t have to stare at a brick wall! You can design and buy yourself a bespoke garden office!

What is that you may ask? An office on the lawn, a desk surrounded by plants? Not quite! You can convert your shed or summerhouse into the perfect work space. Help make your office a better place to work, invest in a garden office.

Garden Office

Alternatively you can go the full mile and invest in spacious creative outdoor office designs if space allows. Here are 5 creative and practical reasons why you need to invest in a garden office:

Get Some Fresh Air and Room to Breathe

One of the main reasons to get a garden office is to get out in the fresh air. Sat in a stuffy office all day can be bad for your health, bad for your skin and make you not want to come to work. Instead, working from a garden office, a little space at the end of your garden where you can do all your work surrounded by fresh air, is the perfect way to keep you motivated and wanting to go to work.

Your Own Personal Space and Freedom

Having a garden office means you can have your own personal space. A home office may become filled with folders, paperwork and things you know nothing about. With a garden office, outside of your home there are many advantages. You are away from the house, with less distractions, you can decorate exactly how you like and you can work in your own space, shared with no one else (unless you want to).

Cheaper than the Daily Commute to the City

For many of us commuting to work can take hours, cost thousands each year and mean that you spend half of your day away from your desk when you could be working. According to research, over 3 million people are spending over 2 hours a day commuting to and from work.

Instead of fighting your way onto the train, running for the tram or being sat next to someone you don’t like on the bus, find the perfect place to work in your new shed converted into the perfect office space in your very own garden.

Natural Light and Bespoke Design

The negative effect of staring at your computer screen for 8 hours a day can easily be combated by the natural light you will get from working in your garden. Having the birds and bees flying past, with the sun streaming in through the window means you can easily work surrounded by nature. What better way to start each working day than with a cup of tea and a great view from your office.

Not only that but an bespoke office in the garden, designed from scratch is a creative opportunity in itself. That is an opportunity to design a garden office that reflects your personality, taste and style. In terms of decoration, colors, accessories and lighting. You can paint your office for success from day one.

Build an office in the garden of your home that is peaceful yet motivating. A spacious garden office with ample room for mixing essential work tools such as computers and printers with house plants, seating and designer accessories. In short everything you could ever need to place your own unique stamp on the perfect home office design in the garden.

Great Excuses to Purchase a Brand New Garden Office/Shed

Some offices in the garden can be dual purpose. That is part recreational and partly a work environment. What better way to get a brand new shed, summer house or a brand new garden office than with the guarantee that you will get your regular use out of it.

Bespoke Garden Office Designs

If you need some creative inspiration when it comes to designing the perfect garden office then take a look at anyone of the major design inspiration web sites such as Houzz. This is a great way to formulate some amazing concepts and design ideas for the garden office that can be forwarded to your designer or architect for sketching out.

Once you have realised that garden offices are the way forward, find the best sheds, summerhouses and garden offices with York Timber Products.

Any one of these garden office ideas can help to make your garden come to life, get out in the sun more and work from home in your garden office.

There is truly no better excuse to buy an amazing timber shed or summerhouse than it being intend as a garden office. The advantage is that when you are not working the space can still be used for relaxing or winding down after a long day working.