The world of design is constantly evolving and retro design is becoming a popular strategy for designers and brands to play with. A retro appearance can be a fun way to add an ironically modern touch to a home, and it also provides an interesting dynamic edge. People can familiarise themselves with retro décor and as such, it becomes a cosy and comfortable way to decorate a space while still retaining a cool sense of chic style.

Retro design techniques can be used in website design, fashion, computer games, posters and home décor and it emits an underlying sense of trust.

The 8-bit styled 2014 World Cup game from Ladbrokes called The Big Penalty Quiz is a great example of a simple online game that uses retro graphics. It ensures players feel a sense of nostalgia while playing, which is a great way to entice keen gamers.

Retro Web Design is Increasing in Popularity

The Partyforyourrights website offers a funky-looking game that is not only easy to play, but takes you back to the days when technology was a lot simpler.

Retro Design is Increasing in Popularity

It’s not only gaming companies that take advantage of the pulling power of retro designs. The Ebola Communications Agency prides itself on working on unusual, quirky and on-trend design ideas that appeal to modern business owners.

Retro Design is Increasing in Popularity

An old-fashioned style website complete with black and white graphics set on an antiquated newspaper background is the perfect way for the Team Fannypack group to successfully pull in donations for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The BlackMoon Design Company has harnessed the power of retro design with their website that features fun yet humble graphics. It provides their target audience with a feeling that the company is uncomplicated in their offerings; which gives off a trustworthy persona.


Retro designs can be found in a variety of different formats, from computer games and home décor through to websites and fashion. Retro design is appealing as it allows people to feel connected to what they are looking at through a nostalgic magnetism. Creating noteworthy designs are all about being able to stand out from the crowd with different creative pieces and this is easy to achieve when using an unpretentious design technique with a retro edge.