Getting to the gym can be a difficult task for many reasons. Whether it’s because it’s been awhile and you’ve got to get back into the groove of things, or because you just don’t know what to wear– it can be a daunting place. For these unlucky few, their most embarrassing moments at the gym were caught on film.

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what to wear to the gym or how to use the equipment. Although one could probably easily look it up, these folks decided to just have a go at it. Unfortunately¬†for them, we’re getting the last laugh.

Here is not one, but two people who don’t seem to know what they’re doing. This guy’s head is where is legs should go, and this lady, well she’s catching up on some reading. Something tells me someone was probably waiting for that machine…

Now, this could be one of two situations. Either she got up too early and couldn’t hang with the early birds, or she just had the best workout of her life. Either way, it’s an interesting spot for a snooze.

Now, this looks like the result of a dare gone bad, or perhaps he lost a really good bet. Either way, this kid had the entire high school band following him around playing him a theme song.

This may be one of the best photos of all time snapped at the gym. This woman is clearly in shock as to why someone would choose to wear a onesie like this. The placement of the cat face just draws you in it’s like you can’t stop staring…

This grandma knows how to workout, clearly. She is truly enjoying herself with that massive martini, and we’re not complaining. However her goal isn’t to work out, it’s to stare at the buff young men.

This photo seems off because after all, what is the point of going to a gym if you’re going to take all the shortcuts available. Come on people! Take the stairs!

What genius thought it would be a good idea to put a doughnut stand in a gym? Talk about having a tough time resisting temptation. Probably not the best idea for clients to keep their goals in mind. Marketing team fail.

Imagine being too tall to use the elliptical. All this guy wanted to do was stay healthy and have a nice workout, yet this is what he got instead. We have to say, he is pretty innovative.

Not only is this not safe, it doesn’t even appear to be comfortable. We get it, daddy duties can get in the way of a good workout session, but come one, there has to be a smarter way to do both. Let’s hope mom doesn’t see this.

This guy clearly doesn’t have friends, because they would have told him not to skip leg day. This guys’ proportions are so off he almost looks like a cartoon. We know that having large arms is considered masculine by many standards, but this is taking it to the extreme.

The last place you would think to find Ronald McDonald, it’s the gym. After all, McDonald’s is not known for its health benefits. At least he is using the equipment somewhat correctly, unlike this next guy.

This guy is completely confused as to what he is supposed to be doing with those weights. Not only is he about to break both ankles in that position, we can’t imagine how lifting weights that small could actually make a difference. The worst part is, his friend is letting it all happen.

Now, we’ve seen this move before. But usually, it’s a group of a little girl’s attempting it, not a group of adult men at a gym. They must have given everyone there a real show during there ordinary workouts.

A dog in a gym is not something we’re used to seeing, however, for some reason, this seems totally natural. I mean look at his pose–it’s the perfect Cobra. I wonder if he can do a downward facing dog?

This lady may look ridiculous, but she has the right idea. She’s saving time while still looking great because she has perfected how to stay fit while making sure her hair is on point. You can’t ignore that her outfit is color coordinated, either.

The next guy is all about his gym outfit, too.

This guy was convinced that he couldn’t use the bike machine without looking like a true bicyclist. He even brought his helmet, just in case. You know he wasn’t about to forget his sunglasses either.

There is a reason they put those little TV’s on the treadmills and it’s to keep you entertained. But this guy thought he had a better idea on how to keep himself preoccupied–knitting. What do you think, is he making a sweater or blanket?

We’ve all been there; getting to the gym and realizing you forgot your phone or iPod, making listening to music nearly impossible. This guy had a solution to this very problem, it just probably wasn’t the best one. I wonder how long it took for that to fall right down his pants.

Another prime example of how using gym equipment improperly can be hysterical, for all those watching anyway. It probably didn’t take him long to realize there was absolutely no way to grip that bar with his feet.