Are you getting tired of your living space? Most of us have spent far longer cooped up inside this year than we expected. A combination of boredom and fear of tougher restrictions has driven almost one in five homeowners to push through home improvements sooner rather than later.

Thankfully there are plenty of ways to spruce up your home without tearing the whole thing down and starting again. Many involve just a little online shopping and shuffling things around over a weekend – and don’t have to cost the earth either.

Read our ideas for simple ways to transform your living space below.

Invest in new furniture

Furniture is often the largest and most imposing feature in a room. We often hold on to certain items for years, so swapping them out could have a drastic impact on your surroundings.

A new sofa could do wonders for your living space, while a dining table might transform your family dinners. In the bedroom, swapping freestanding furniture for fitted wardrobes can maximize every inch of space available.

Try to pass on or donate your old furniture if you can. Alternatively, upcycle it and put it to use in new ways.

Introduce natural elements

Nature is known to make us feel calmer, so bringing the outside in could make your home a space of serenity. Houseplants have shot to popularity over the last few years – and there are a wide range of options that require little to no maintenance.

Try placing a string of pearls atop a shelf for an eye-catching draping effect. Calatheas often have dramatic, luxurious leaves, while many cacti can get by with almost no care at all.

You could introduce pops of color with your plant pots too.

Switch up your lighting

Changing your lighting is another low-cost, high-impact interior design option. It often has a significant affect on the mood and feel of a room – so the more options the better.

If you’re currently limited to overhead lighting, introduce a table or floor lamp to create light at different heights of your room. You could put together a cozy reading corner with your favorite chair, a side table for hot drinks, and a lamp placed to the side or behind.

Freshen up your walls

Painting your walls may seem like an easy fix – but taking on any more than a single wall can quickly become a chore. Temporary wallpaper has been a growing trend this year and offers an easier way to chop and change your interior as you choose.

Hanging wall art is another creative way to introduce some personality. You could opt for a single statement piece or create a gallery wall of multiple contrasting prints.

If you’ve grown sick of your home in 2020, make use of this downtime to create something new and inviting.