The Internet has not only given birth to online casinos but has also created new ways for casino marketing ideas and building a brand. Today’s online casinos are increasingly using social media to boost their brand and establish their presence on a global scale.

Guest author Klara Czerwinska shares six ways on how you can build a casino brand using social media. To find out more about Klara Czerwinska, overview here.

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The online gambling industry was quick to realize that interacting with prospective and existing players on social networking sites was a great way to build their brand and expand their player base. Over 3.48 billion people use social networking sites, a number that is fast increasing even as we write.

Operators are aware that they have to connect and engage with Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook users to retain existing players, grab the attention of prospective players, and get new players to sign up.

The following are six ways to use social media to build a casino brand.

Advertise New Games

So you have introduced some new games in your portfolio and want the world to know about them. A good casino marketing strategy is to get the word out on social networks.

Users of social networking sites are already on the devices they need to play those games – PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. If you succeed in getting them interested, it won’t take them long to click on the sign-up link just to play the game.

Moreover, social media advertising is free unless you are running a paid ad campaign. And even if you are, it is affordable. Paid ad campaigns allow you to target specific groups of people, the ones who matter.

Casino operators in Poland know that the industry is extremely competitive and that they need to have big budgets to advertise their online casinos and games to stay ahead of the competition. Polish players who are looking for reputed and trustworthy online casinos can find a good selection at

Launch Social Media Promotions

Have you launched a new promotion, tournament, contest, or bonus at the online casino? Talk about it on social networks. This is a great way to engage your audience and get them interested in what’s happening at the online casino.

Some online casinos run social media promotions, as a part of which they reward their loyal players for liking their Facebook page or following them on Twitter.

Create Shareable Content

Shareable content is useful content or content that delivers a strong social message. Big gambling companies spend a lot of money to develop and launch social media campaigns that give them ample brand exposure. The idea is to promote themselves as brands that are witty, modern, and concerned about social and environmental issues.

Social media departments of top gaming companies are continuously active. They find out what’s trending on social networks and use it to create content that gets likes, views, comments, and shares.

Post Useful Tutorials and Guides

Many people are interested in playing online casino games but don’t know how to. Also, there are seasoned players who are always looking for tips and strategies to win more money at online casinos.

If you are looking for brand exposure, one of the best ways to get it is by giving your players something of value. You might have already posted tutorials and how-to guides on the online casino website. By doing the same on social networks such as Facebook and YouTube, you will be creating and posting shareable content that will get you noticed as a brand.

Interact with Players on Social Networks

Interacting with players on social networks is one of the best casino promotion ideas. It is not only fun but also puts you on the way to becoming a big brand.

There are many interesting ways to interact with your customers, and here are a few:

  • Post questions and encourage them to give answers.
  • Create polls and surveys for them to participate in.
  • Use the social networking platform to get feedback and suggestions from your customers.
  • Share important casino information including news of game releases, latest promotions, new bonuses, and others.
  • Provide customer support through social networks.

Share News of Big Wins

Even if people don’t want to gamble, they want to hit the jackpot. Everybody loves listening to stories of big wins at online casinos. Such stories have a feel-good factor. They assure players that it is possible to win money while playing games of chance at online casinos.

Has someone hit the jackpot recently at your online casino? Share the good news on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter. The reader may be inspired to sign up and become a part of your player community.


You can use a few or all of the above methods to promote your online casino on social media and establish your brand as a reputed and trustworthy casino brand in the market.