Internet penetration in India is on the continuous increase; Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and IMRB International joint report says 350 million internet and 200 million smartphone users are here by the end of 2016. India’s internet population is to reach 600 million by 2020; one study of ASSOCHAM-Deloitte says. India’s mobile phone subscriber base has crossed the 1 billion user mark, as per data released recently by the country’s telecom regulator.

Availability of low-cost smartphone devices and nonstop reduction in data cost after a launch of the Reliance Jio services boosted the use of mobile internet in the country. Online services like Passport Seva, Income Tax, Excise & Customs, Corporate Affairs, India Post, e-Police, Land Records, the internet and mobile banking, online bill payment of public utility services and many more e-governance initiatives of the government of India and state governments are taking people close to the internet. The Internet is certainly making our life easy. Even small town and rural users have started opting for online services for public utility bill payments, banking services and much more.

People are using their smartphones for banking, bill payments, online entertainment and socializing on Facebook and twitter. According to one of the research Indians spending 169 minutes per day on the mobile phone, this is more than time spends on television. Smart business houses, advertisers, and marketers know smart handheld devices are no more for calling only. Digital marketing spending is increasing rapidly due to consumer shift in the digital domain. According to the ‘Digital Advertising in India’ report, jointly published by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and IMRB International, the digital advertising market in India crossed INR 7,044 crore in 2016 and Its increasing at the rate of 12%.

One benefit of digital advertising is its measurability; advertiser can measure how many people viewed her ad and who visited her website after viewing ads. Analytics about their demographics and behaviors are also available. Google and Facebook both are providing geographic and demographic targeting. It means advertiser has a facility to display her advertisement in a particular city among the internet users of a particular age group. This way, digital advertising delivers high Return on Investment (ROI).

According to e-marketer of the United States, digital marketing ad spending will surpass TV Ad spending by early next year in the USA. In just a few more years, marketing budgets will be predominantly digital. Google is the leading platform worldwide in the digital advertising industry. Google Adwords manages ad campaigns. One can start advertising with a small budget in Google and can increase the advertising budget as per consumer response. Google provides search, display, mobile and video advertising with TrueView facility. According to economic times, Google India increase its advertising revenue in 2016 by 44%; increase in ad revenue posted 5904 crores in FY16 from 4108 crores in FY15.

India has experienced explosive growth in the number of Facebook users over the past few years, making the country home to the largest share (32.6%) of users in Asia-Pacific. Mobile social network usage is helping to drive up Facebook usage in India. Facebook reported a 43% jump in India in its revenue in FY16. Marketers continue to increase advertising spending in digital media. Facebook profit doubled in India from 16 crores in FY15 to 31 crores in FY16.

Now, it’s the time for every business to focus advertising in digital domain too; to beat the competition. Ads can be designed with text, image, infographics, and video. Many digital advertising agencies are providing personalized services. If going for digital media don’t forget to check weather agency has Google certified professionals or not. Hubspot Academy is also providing certification in different areas of digital marketing which are recognized worldwide. Lots of your money may be wasted if agency working with uncertified employees. Some agencies and independent consultants are also providing digital media audit services. They can explain to you how much effect your previous digital marketing campaign was? They can provide you campaign insights and optimization solutions.

According to Economic Times, brand equity news “One of the most notable trends that we are witnessing today is the digital revolution. This is going to have a significant impact on consumer behavior and market structure in future,” Dabur Chairman Anand C Burman said in his address to shareholders in the company’s Annual Report for 2016-17. “Recognising this as an opportunity, Dabur is pursuing an aggressive e-commerce and digital marketing strategy to promote market and sell its products online,” Burman said. FMCG major Dabur is planning an aggressive digital marketing strategy. In 2016-17 fiscal, Dabur had spent Rs 646 crore on advertising and publicity of its brands.