Ever wonder why brands and businesses, big and small, hire professional graphic designers, Social media besides hiring the services of highly-skilled photographers?

It comes down to one and only one factor; to get the perfect social media graphics with image quality uncompromised.

You can take the best shots in the world with your camera, but your social posts will look unappealing and unpleasant if you don’t use the right image size.

As a business or brand owner, you don’t want to disappoint your audience and potential customers with half-done Facebook profile banners or Instagram carousel posts. Don’t you?

While creating perfect graphics for different creatives on multiple social platforms looks daunting, this blog will be your ultimate social media image size guide.

Excited to learn?

Let’s dive in.

Instagram Image Sizes

Instagram is a visual-first platform that greatly depends on beautiful images to grab the attention of its audience. Here are the dimensions for the different graphics you will be using on the app;

  • Profile photo size: 110 by 110 pixels
  • Image post size: 1080 by 1080 pixels
  • Image post thumbnail size: 161 by 161 pixels

For Instagram Stories, here are the recommended dimensions;

  • Resolution: 1080 by 1920
  • Aspect ratio: 9:16

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LinkedIn Image Sizes

LinkedIn is a professional social network where professionals, entrepreneurs, and people in executive positions interact and exchange ideas.

You can follow the below guidelines for LinkedIn image sizes;

  • Profile image: 400 by 400 pixels
  • Cover banner: 1584 by 396 pixels
  • Aspect ratio: 4:1
  • Blog post image: 1350 by 440 pixels with a file size of 10 MB (maximum). Supported image types are png, jpg, and gif.
  • Company page: Logo 300 by 300 pixels (minimum) and 400 by 400 pixels (maximum) with a maximum file size of 4 MB.

Company cover photo: 1128 by 191 pixels

The LinkedIn life tab gives your audience a sneak peek into how life looks like in your company. It attracts great talent to join your team. Here are the guidelines for the LinkedIn life tab image sizes;

  • Hero image size: 1128 by 376  pixels
  • Custom module: 502 by 282 pixels
  • Photos: 900 by 600 pixels
  • Supported file types: jpg, png, and gif

Facebook Image Sizes

Facebook has always been a great place to showcase your best offers and attract potential buyers to your online store.

Here are the guidelines for Facebook image sizes;

  • Facebook cover photo for Desktop: 820 by 312  pixels
  • Facebook cover photo for Mobile: 640 by 360 pixels
  • Facebook profile picture for Desktop: 180 by 180 pixels or more
  • Facebook profile picture for Mobile: 140 by 140 pixels or more
  • Facebook banner image size: 1200 by 630 pixels
  • Images with text must be uploaded as png images
  • Facebook event cover image size: 1200 by 628 pixels
  • Facebook group cover image size: 1640 by 856 pixels (1.91:1 aspect ratio)

Twitter Image Sizes

If your brand is not using Twitter to attract a well-off audience, you’re missing out on a big opportunity. You need to include Twitter in your marketing mix if you aren’t already.

Please follow below image size guidelines for Twitter;

  • Twitter profile picture: 400 by 400 pixels (2 MB maximum file size)
  • Twitter cover photo: 1500 by 500 pixels (5 MB maximum file size)
  • Shared photo: 900 by 450 pixels
  • In-stream photo size: 440 by 220 pixels 
  • File size should be 10 MB maximum
  • Twitter allows you to post 4 images at a time
  • Recommended file formats are gif, png, and jpg


Pinterest Image Sizes

Pinterest is another amazing social network to attract your target audience as a brand. Especially, if your products cater to women, then there’s no better place to target them than Pinterest.

Here are the graphics guidelines for Pinterest;

  • Pinterest profile picture: 1165 by 165 pixels
  • Pin size: 236 pixels by variable height. 2:3 is the recommended aspect ratio on the platform for attractive pin creation
  • Pinterest board image size: 222 by 150 pixels
  • Pinterest supports jpg and png file formats for profile pictures

YouTube Image Sizes

YouTube is the leader in video content marketing. They’ve included an image posting option in the community tab of YouTube channels. Regardless of what you sell, you will find your target audience on YouTube.

Here are the image size guidelines for YouTube;

  • YouTube channel banner: 2560 by 1440 pixels
  • YouTube channel icon: 800 by 800 pixels
  • Video uploading: 16:9 aspect ratio

Here are different video resolutions that you can use while keeping the 16:9 aspect ratio:

4K resolution: 3840 by 2160 pixels
2K resolution: 2560 by 1440 pixels
1080p (HD) resolution: 1920 by 1080 pixels
720p (HD) resolution:  1280 by 720 pixels
480p resolution: 854 by 480 pixels
360p resolution: 640 by 360 pixels
240p resolution: 426 by 240 pixels
144p resolution: 256 by 144 pixels

Final  Words

We’ve covered the social media image sizes for the most popular social platforms right now.

These guidelines will save you a ton of time and effort searching for the perfect dimensions of graphics for your social campaigns.

Instagram tops the list because of the engagement rates and buying intent of the audience.

If you’re new to this social app, you can focus on quick little wins to gain momentum for your marketing efforts. Many brands buy Instagram likes  to gain the trust of their audience with a quick influx of hearts on their Insta posts.

You can do the same if you need similar results. It can save you a ton of time and effort with your Insta-fame efforts.