Social media marketing has become the backbone of most marketing initiatives, and the world of design has not been left behind, either.

Needless to say, social media is an ever-changing field. The initiatives that work exceptionally well today might not necessarily be impactful tomorrow.

What is not likely to change is the need for social media likes. This article will detail the importance of social media likes as well as how to acquire them.

Why You Need Likes

92% of consumers use the internet to find a product or service.


One of the most important things that people look at is the number of likes you have to assess how many people engage positively with your business.

This is called social proof.

Social proof is an informational social influence where your customers assume that other people’s actions are correct.

Take the instance where you are in a new city and looking for a place to have a drink. Between full entertainment joints and those with hardly any customers, a full house is more likely to appeal to you.

The reasoning behind this is that for them to have that many revelers, there must be something special. The same happens with likes.

Many people assume that a business with more likes probably offers better services than others with fewer likes.

You get More Exposure

Social media offers an excellent platform for engaging customers.

High levels of engagement portray the image of a brand that is personable and responsive. This might translate to increased sales and could even build brand loyalty.

But that is not all.

New likes and followers are like new people to a community. Each new like reinvigorates a quiet fan base and might reopen long-forgotten discussions. On platforms such as Facebook, a new like is shown to an individual’s friends as well.

While this does not always translate to more new likes, it helps a fan page get more exposure, increasing the number of leads for conversion.

How to Increase Your Likes

Simply put, the more likes you have, the more positively your business will be viewed by your potential customers.

In addition to this, more likes means more visibility and more opportunities for conversion.

With this in mind, how do you get more likes?

1. Have a Great Page

This takes care of the basics. Having an aesthetically pleasing set up makes it easier for customers to engage with you. It also makes it more likely for them to like your content.

Therefore, invest in a good design for all your social media platforms. Visuals aside, create good content and have a good balance of text, graphics, and videos.

2. Ask

You will be surprised at how willing your clients will be to like your pages when requested.

The trick is to find the right people to ask. People who regularly comment positively on your posts are a safe bet and a great place to start.

You can also request likes from people who had a problem with your business, but allowed you to redeem yourself.

3. Use it as a Campaign Prerequisite

Another way to prompt people to give you likes is by using likes as part of larger campaigns.

If, say, you are having a sale, early release, or are giving away coupons or freebies. You can make liking your page a prerequisite for getting in on the action.

Creativity Is Key

The dynamic nature of social media means you have to keep an eye out for trends and what works best.

As pertains to getting likes, implement a few methods, measure the results, and look into ways of bettering the process.