Color this world in all colors of the rainbow! The new io game “” is a colorful massacre that cheers and raises the mood. To play here it is necessary for a big-eyed drop of a certain color. She will move around the game arena and fight her rivals. There are many different tactics that will definitely lead to success.

One of these is to surround yourself with a wall of your only smaller clones. With such a ring of associates, your hero will be well protected from attacks by enemies. If anyone succeeds in breaking through into your territory, shoot and destroy the enemy. It’s very funny and funny to look at the smashed fighting guys who fight among themselves. From each defeated enemy on the body of your character has its own trace.

The entire surface where the battle takes place is covered with blue-green-red-yellow paints, which already causes a positive perception of this toy. The rating table is placed at the bottom left, and on the right is the battle card, where your red dot is your fighter. The game “” is absolutely original and does not resemble its predecessors. In this multi-user mode integrates gamers and various countries and continents. Have fun and call your friends. Fight and win! Good luck!
source : play on isiogames