Splunk gives real-time Operational Intelligence to more than 9,500 firms, govt agencies, universities and service engines in more than 100 countries. Splunk software and cloud services authorize you to collect, index and tackle machine data initiated by the applications, servers, networks, sensors and other machines that power your business. Using Splunk solutions, you can intensify business and customer understanding, mitigate reliability, prevent artifice, improve service performance and decrease cost.

                             Companies Currently Using Splunk

Installation is super fast: Splunk is available on many platforms than I can enter here, but on Windows, you run the installer, click next a few times and you are done in a few minutes.

Scalability is easy: If a single Splunk server is not enough you just add another one. Incoming data is automatically distributed evenly and findings are directed to all Splunk instances so that speed increases with the number of systems holding data. Optionally redundancy can be enabled so that each event is stored on two or more Splunk servers.

No single point of failure: I have seen too many environments where a flooded database server slowed down half the applications in the data center without anyone knowing the root cause. While this is a great use case for UserAgent my point is that this will not happen with Splunk.

Infinite retention without losing crystallizing: Some tracking products only allow you to keep so many months, weeks or even days worth of data. Others reduce the crystallizing of older events, reducing many data points into one because of capacity limitations. The same is not true for Splunk. It can literally index millions of terabytes per day and keep physically unlimited amounts of data. If you want to or need to differentiate the speed of last year’s user logons with today’s: go ahead!

Get Certified With Splunk: https://www.splunk.com/en_us/view/education/SP-CAAAAH9

Learn Splunk Here: https://mindmajix.com/splunk-training