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eCommerce provide a business transaction through electronic networks like internet, phones, computers and many more. with the changing era the thinking of the people also changes, Now a days, people prefer eCommerce foe complete business transactions. eCommerce is a platform where you can start your online business with increasing needs of eCommerce industry,where every businessman can sell their products and services. For optioning eCommerce platform one can earn the benefit as it convey for reaching advantages to retailers and wholesalers. Let us see some advantages and disadvantages of eCommerce


For Customers:-

1. Accommodation – eCommerce is very easy to use and you can easily buy and sell goods in your figure tips sitting at any corner of the world. eCommerce business is very convenient and very simple way to use.

2. Efficient – with eCommerce you can save you time in online business rather than in a shop. It provide more efficient way to buy and sell goods and services with in a time saving and effective manner.

3. Operations – eCommerce provides various operations to customers like logistic supports, payment gateways and many that you can prefer your choice and start your online store with full satisfaction and with minimal cost.4. Simple to think about – eCommerce business provide you the simple and easy way to choose which is the best and convenient platform to start your online store and also compare best eCommerce website is more suitable and easy to use.

5. Simple to discover audits – With eCommerce you can easily discover the reviews of different eCommerce websites at one shot, which help you to know what eCommerce website is providing and also know by seeing the website reviews and comments on it.

6. Rewards – Create loyal customers by allowing them to earn reward points on every purchase, and allow them to redeem those points for discounts on their next purchase. This increases brand value, customer retention & trust. So, why not keep customers coming back to store, they wish to shop online!

For Business :-

1. Expanding client base – With eCommerce you can expand your business with expanding your client base, with which you can buy and sell services all over the world and with online business your customers can access your product and can connect with us any time.

2. Raise your deals – In eCommerce business you don’t need to make any storefront, you can easily sell your products online with a profit margin not only in your country but all over the world and raise your sales with experience efficiency and most effective way.

3. 24/7 – 365 days – In eCommerce your business will go 24/7 and 365 days with out any disturbance. with this you can able to buy and sell products at any time without any disturbance and problem and your business run smoothly and raise your profit day by day with out any interruption.

4. Extend your business – With eCommerce you can expand your online business providing various operations like translation in language,easy understand key search your topic and finest way to know your website with this you can extend your online store.

5. Repeating installments made easy – Every business will set up repeating installments that best suits you need to make payment in a consistent manner and transaction will be cleared without waiting or at most 2-3 days for the money to clear through banking process.


For customers :-

1. Protection and security – While making online transaction, need to be careful and sure to check the site authentication of security whether it is easy and convenient way to shop. Nobody want there personal information to expose.Securing online exchange information aimed its era and defending it after it has been put away in the database are basic issues to be confronted.

2. Quality – In eCommerce business you can easily accessed, But a customer don’t know about the quality of the product unless it delivers and you touch it. so, it is important to know about the returning goods before buying the products.

3. Concealed expenses – While purchase any product online customers need to often know the hidden cost like shipping charges, taxes may be considerable and too many eCommerce company has developed a reputation for concealed expenses in shipping and handling of products.

4. Access in internet – If you want to start your online store you need to access a high technology and internet  bandwidth.Because if you selling online your product and that time your internet will go slow you may loss customers sales, credibility, and even customers.will leads to deflation on your business.

5. Lack if interaction – In eCommerce if you buying any thing important and costly and want to know more detail information about the product, there is no one who give suggestions and interact with customer. you can only buy the product with the specification mention in the site.

For Business :-

1. additional coat and skill for eCommerce business – In every business whether it is online business or off make sure your business is running accurately as a owner.Keep in mind that the simple access implies expanded rivalry, consequently making organizations work with revenues. To be beneficial, eCommerce must keep up high deals volumes – which thus implies creating and keeping up a major and enduring client base.

2. Rivals issues – In eCommerce there are many  rivals companies who can sell the products same like yours, with that competition in the market will increase for which you need to increase your sales, making strategies, expanding more cost, generating more traffic in your website which leads to put more money in tour business.

3. Security issue – While organizations try incredible endeavors to keep themselves and the purchaser safe, there are individuals out there that will break each firewall conceivable to get the data they need. We have all seen as of late how the greatest and most prestige business can be hacked on the web.

4. Adequate web access – Now a days every one is on internet at all the time.There are still many areas where internet problem is going on, make sure while setting down your eCommerce business your area can handle internet bandwidth that can run efficiently.

5. Up to date – At the point when a business has begun as eCommerce, they should be prepared to roll out improvements to stay good. While innovation develops, the frameworks that backing your business must be stayed up with the latest or replaced if necessary. There might be extra overhead to keep information bases and applications running.

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