Men do care about fashion. They also want style, comfort and functioning premium apparel that will allow self-expression. While the entire wardrobe is important, outerwear is the most essential.

Not only is outerwear functional for climate, hobbies, and lifestyle, it’s the piece of clothing that is always seen first, and most often. There is no better way to express fashion sense than with outerwear such as lightweight bomber jackets, windbreakers, and basic and graphic hoodies for men.

Bomber Jackets

Casual or business, day or night, bomber jackets dominate most male wardrobes – and they should! Yes, they get their name from jackets worn by military men in WWII (maybe that is their allure), but these jackets have survived the rise and fall of fashion and are no doubt here to stay.

There’s no better way to make a subtle statement than with a simple style bomber jacket. According to Gentlemen’s Journal, they can be worn year after year for work or weekends and never go out of style. Bomber jackets are available in several materials and colors, and no longer necessarily meant just for a cold day.

A lighter weight and water-resistant bomber jacket can be the perfect top layer on a chilly day. The fit should compliment the man’s shape and not be too baggy or too tight. If chosen correctly, the bomber jacket is an essential piece for any man’s wardrobe.

Windbreaker Jackets

Somewhere between a bomber jacket and a casual hoodie sits the all-purpose windbreaker jacket. Afterall, there is a need for a waterproof jacket that can be functional, yet still stylish and comfortable.

A well designed windbreaker should be lightweight, soft, and waterproof. They are a packable outerwear item that are perfect for layering to keep warm and dry in all weather conditions. Windbreakers are a great item to have in a man’s wardrobe because they are usually lined with cotton, making them extremely comfortable, breathable and soft. You can also wear them with anything!

While a windbreaker wouldn’t be an ideal formal choice, they can easily be thrown over a work suit or even business casual outfits – weather permitting or not. It doesn’t have to be raining outside for a windbreaker to be a good choice for outerwear.

As far as functionality, the windbreaker is probably the most versatile, and most necessary example of outerwear. If you are a man who plays sports, you are going to wear a windbreaker. In cold weather, a windbreaker is great for minimizing the chill of the wind (hence the name), but also great for insulation. When you are doing something active in cold weather you will still sweat, and a windbreaker’s breathability will keep you dry and warm.

Wear them over hoodies in the rain to keep you dry (especially if they have a hood!) Unlike cotton hoodies, a windbreaker won’t stay wet which means you will stay dry and so will the rest of your outfit.


The last thing you want to see are several cookie cutter type graphic hoodies that every guy wears because they all got them at the same place. They may serve a purpose, but lack originality.

A graphic hoodie should elevate self-expression and allow men to outfit their passion. Artists’ work is often featured on graphic hoodies and are also a great way to promote and market events and organizations that any man is interested in.

It is just as essential for men to have a few basic hoodies in their wardrobe. There are times when a graphic hoodie isn’t appropriate, or when you don’t prefer to stand out. Having a few in basic colors will ensure that a man always has something stylish and comfortable to wear everyday.

These hoodies also have to keep you warm while you look cool – but not too warm. The word comfort is synonymous with hoodies and the material should be breathable and lightweight enough so that you can wear it all day without overheating.

They are an athletic fit which is perfect to wear for working out in, lounging, beach days, or any day ending in the letter “Y.” Hoodies are versatile enough for a variety of situations and lifestyles, and can also be expressive or minimalist – whichever you prefer.

There are many styles of outerwear for men available. However, basic and graphic hoodies, windbreakers, and bomber jackets are three awesome styles that will keep you warm or cool regardless of the temperature.

Looking good is important for a man’s confidence. Certain types of outerwear are great for expressing one’s passions and style, while others keep your look properly subdued when appropriate. When all of that is combined in a well-made piece of quality apparel, outerwear becomes a focal point in a man’s wardrobe.