Java is a question situated dialect that enables students to make certifiable applications. The struts training in chennai structure is used to make MVC-based web application. The struts structure was at first made by Craig McClanahan and given to Apache Foundation in May, 2000 and Struts 1.0 was released in June 2001. The present stable landing of Struts can’t avoid being Struts in March 2, 2014. This struts 2 instructional exercise covers each one of the purposes of Struts 2 Framework with streamlined cases for learners and experienced individuals. The Struts 2 offers sponsorships to POJO based exercises, Validation Support, AJAX Support, Integration support to various structures, for instance, Hibernate, Spring, Tiles et cetera, support to various result sorts, for instance, Freemarker, Velocity, JSP et cetera.