Creating the perfect interior can be tough. No two homes are the same, so many of us struggle to know those small amendments and additions required to establish the perfect space. Thankfully, transforming your home and making it your own does not require a massive makeover.

Just some minor, subtle finishes can be enough to turn a bland room into a cosy and beautiful space bespoke to you. No matter whether it is your kitchen, bedroom or living room, these minor additions are able to perfectly complete your home and give you the interior that you have always dreamt of.

Five of the best subtle finishes for your home

Creating the ultimate interior for your home will always require a bit of a personal touch, depending on your preferences. However, there are some core ideas you can implement to transform your room, with five of the best effective including:


Choosing the right lighting solutions for your room is one of the most important finishes you can make. While illuminating a room is an essential functionality, how you choose to do that is crucial. For your main light, you will want fixtures that accentuate the rest of your styling, while having the ability to set the intensity of the brightness will also help you create the perfect mood.

Of course, lighting is not just about your main light. To finish your room, you should also look to add additional options such as table lamps or floor lamps to help you set the perfect ambience in any room.

Wall art

Bare walls can leave a room feeling cold and clinical. That is why to bring your property to life and add that personal finish to any room, you should look to add artwork and features to your home. Of course, you do not need to fill your walls with paintings and prints, but adding a few key touches to specific areas can help you showcase your personality and interests.

If artwork is not your thing, then a very popular interior design trend at the moment is to create a feature wall. Two of the most effective methods of doing this is through exposed brickwork or adding bold wallpaper.

Glass features

Glass products are a fantastic way of finishing any room. Whether it is adding a glass coffee table to your living room, installing a beautiful mirror to your bedroom, or adding a unique glass kitchen splashback above your cooker, glass products can help you to transform the visual aesthetics of any property.

Not only that, but glass is available in a wide array of colours, allowing you to tailor the solution to fit your décor. It is also very easy to keep clean compared to other materials, ensuring your interior is always looking its best. Me and My Glass provide a wide range of bespoke glass solutions, cutting it any size that you require.


Adding rugs to your floor is not only a practical solution of protecting your flooring, but they can also create an immediate centrepiece. The right rug will be able to add a splash of colour to your interior and truly bring your entire décor together. A rug can also help to bring certain areas of your room closer together, creating a more cosy and inviting space.

Personal touches

Finally, one of the best subtle finishes you can make to your rooms is to add some personality to them. Whether it is objects associated with you, such as a guitar, pictures of friends or family or simple memories from places you have been, these additions will help you to showcase your personality through your décor.

Designing the perfect interior for your home is always a tough choice, but these subtle finishes can help you complete the appeal of any room.