Without a question, Ottawa is a stunning city. In its central business district, which is bordered by lush woodlands and intersected by three streams, there are a mixture of antique and imposing buildings. I’ve always believed that Canada’s capital was beautifully designed by the urban planners. Compared to other large Canadian cities, the crime rate is low. Ottawa homes for sale and the increase in prices didn’t stop during the epidemic in Ottawa’s real estate market. Due to Ottawa’s exquisite architecture, there are numerous, expansive natural areas as well as large, gorgeous public parks. In addition to the lovely and storied Rideau Canal, it boasts two rivers: the Ottawa River and the Rideau River. Green is present everywhere. The entire nation may be experienced in one warm metropolis when you travel to Canada’s capital! Ottawa is the destination for culture vultures, history buffs, and collectors of Canadian because it is home to seven of Canada’s nine national institutions. Include these national museums in your agenda for Ottawa.

Cumberland Heritage Village Museum

To experience a historic village and travel back in time, you don’t even have to leave downtown Ottawa. With dozens of historic and replica buildings that accurately depict life in the 1920s and 1930s, Cumberland Heritage Village Museum offers an engaging and instructive experience. Find a peaceful retreat or come to one of our unique events. You may always find a special experience at Cumberland Heritage Village Museum that inspires you to live in the past and create memories for the future.

Canadian War Museum

The Canadian War Museum is more than just a museum with a reputation for symbolic architecture; it is also a byword for moving and inspirational tales. Personal accounts, creative works, images, and interactive displays highlight Canada’s rich military history.

Bank of Canada Museum

Explore engaging, hands-on, interactive displays that cover everything from how people’s expectations affect an economy’s health to how inflation targeting functions (hint: you get to fly a rocket ship!) as you enter the center of the economic system. The National Currency Collection, the world’s largest collection of Canadian coins, notes, and tokens, is also represented through items in the Museum.

Laurier House National Historic Site

A visit to the former homes of two of Canada’s most significant prime ministers is like entering the sacred space of our nation’s political past. This Second Empire townhouse in downtown Ottawa, which housed both Sir Wilfrid Laurier and the Rt. Hon. William Lyon Mackenzie King for more than fifty years, was at the center of Canadian political life. Here, they frequently conducted official business while entertaining visitors and politicians.

The Nepean Museum

The Nepean Museum is an accessible building with plenty of parking and complete wheelchair accessibility. The exhibition gallery uses a variety of shifting exhibits to present Nepean’s history. The Museum maintains a collection of about 15,000 items in a specially constructed, climate-controlled room. Learning Links and Family Zone both offer educational programming. Additionally, there are two community rooms that can be rented at the Museum location. A kids’ climbing tower and sandbox, a basketball court, and the Doug Froebel Baseball Park are among the outdoor amenities. Nepean Museum is starting a new, exciting era as it updates its exhibition spaces and revitalizes its community activities.