Scars on your body might be related to positive or negative memories. If the memory is positive, you tend to wear your scars with pride. However, in the case of negative memories, you desire to hide the scars. Then, you can resort to having tattoos over such scars. Tattooing over normal skin is easier than tattooing over scarred skin. The solution is to approach an experienced tattoo artist who can create a tattoo over the scar and incorporate the scar into the design of the tattoo.

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Other Reasons for a Tattoo Over Scars

Some individuals survive near-fatal accidents or important health issues that need surgery. Such people opt to have tattoos over their scars related to accidents or health issues. Their opinion is that doing so feels like reclaiming their body and life. An example is women who have mastectomies. They comment that after having tattoos over the scars, they have an innate feeling of more confidence.

Some people feel less comfortable due to scars when they are in the company of people with no scars. So, they opt for tattoos over their scars to be in their comfort zone.

The Pain of Tattooing Over Scars

A general observation is that tattooing over a scar causes more pain than tattooing over normal skin. When creating a tattoo over a scar, if the scars have nerve damage or compression, such as in the case of amputation scars, scar pain is more.

Some scars are typically more painful. These include burn, hypertrophic, atrophic, and keloid scars. If the scar is mild and small, it is at the flat level of the skin and within the boundaries of the old wound. Creating a tattoo over such mild, small scars is less painful. The maximum pain is in the case of deep and large scars.

Surgery Scars

The scars created by a surgical procedure are accurate incisions. They lead to minimal scarring. These scars are smoothened into the edges of the tattoo with a technique to minimize their appearance. In the case of mastectomy scars, you should allow enough time to heal these. Then, you can create a tattoo right over the scars.

Abdomen Scars

Your abdomen can have stretch marks or scars due to surgery or caesarean delivery. Tattoos can completely encompass such scars. A point worth noting, in this case, is that your tattoo spreads or shrinks as your abdomen increases or decreases respectively. Therefore, if you are planning to shed a lot of belly fat or to become pregnant, it is advisable to complete the fat loss or pregnancy and then opt for tattooing.

Tattooing over scars is a test of your patience. Preparing your mind to go through a couple of discussions with the tattoo artist to be realistic about the end picture is essential. You must be ready to wait for the body to heal the scars. A rush of blood can cause irreversible disappointment with the final tattoo.