It's not so long ago that we were celebrating the spookiest holiday of the year and could enjoy black decorations, costumes and the like. That’s because black is one of the two main colors of Halloween (the other color is of course orange). By the way, how was your Halloween?

We hope it was fun and exciting, and if you have already missed black, then we suggest that you read on and get deeper into this color.

It’s up to you whether you take black as the darkest color or the absence of color, but you can not deny that black has a special place in nature, fashion, web design and interior design.

Black is both positive and negative. On the one hand, black is associated with elegance, magic, power and sophistication; on the other hand, it symbolizes evil, fear, death and the unknown. Actually, it’s the most mysterious color of all the colors.

When it comes to web design, black themed sites are usually the sites related to fashion, photography, jewelry, music, etc. However, black is a universal color; so it’s difficult to name a website it would not fit.

Let’s say you love black and want it to be the main color of your future site. Of course, there are a lot of articles on the topic, but below is an infographic about the color black that is both inspirational and informative. Why don’t you check it out to see examples of black in web design, learn what companies choose black as their brand color and understand what mistakes you should avoid when building black themed web pages? Because even if black is an “extremely friendly” color that goes well with almost any color, there are some important tips you should know to make your dark sites elegant and stylish and not depressing.

Please note: here is a static infographic. If you’d like to get to the Comic Style Interactive Infographic, feel free to click on the screenshot.