Now that Pinterest allows businesses to create business accounts, it is easier to integrate the social media site with a blog or website. Using certain strategies can help companies create great images that attract and convert new customers.


Create a Business Account

The first step companies should take is to create a business account on Pinterest. If the company already has a personal account on the site, that account needs to be converted to a business one. This will allow the company’s website to be included in the account to help attract people to the website or blog.

Visualization is Key

When creating effective boards on Pinterest, a company needs to focus on imagery. Using the boards to tell a story about the product, the way customers use a product and the benefits of a product helps to make an effective Pinterest site.

Successful companies that use Pinterest focus on visualization. Even if the company offers a service, it is still able to create successful imagery. Food manufacturers use photos of fantastic recipes with their product. Ford Mustang parts manufacturers can use images of Mustang owners enjoying life with their vehicles.

Whenever a company wants to use Pinterest to share content, the organization needs to determine how to make the product or service visually appealing.

Utilizing Plug-ins

Pinterest has Word Press plug-ins that account owners can place on their web sites or blogs. This allows readers to share content with others and increases the exposure of an organization’s information.

Website owners can also post different Pinterest boards on their site to allow readers to see what other sites a company utilizes to post content. Participation in social media sites is an important marketing aspect to create a loyal following.

The popularity of Pinterest has grown since its launch. While the site didn’t allow businesses to create accounts originally, the effective use of the site by many businesses encouraged Pinterest’s owners to change their minds. They are finding ways to help businesses use the site properly, and companies that take advantage of this new aspect of Pinterest will create a competitive edge.